Ek Hasina Thi 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Jagga going to kill Akash. Dayal brings his car in between. Jagga applies the brakes and faints getting hit. Durga and Dayal save Akash. Akash says he got punished for torturing Payal. Durga asks is he fine, why did he take risk. He says he is fine. She says why did you come to kill them. Akash asks why did you come here. She says she can’t think to fulfill her motive by risking someone’s life. Sakshi calls Jagga and he does not take the call. Sakshi says this to Shaurya. Durga says we have to leave fast. Sakshi calls Mukherjee asking him to find out about Jagga. Mukherjee says I will leave now.

Dayal says Akash has to leave from here. He says I have to go home, there are few things I have to move, I have few secrets which I wanted to tell you, but first I have to erase those things. They leave. The police comes and sees Jagga dead. Mukherjee tells Sakshi that Jagga is dead. She says it means Akash went safe. She asks Mukherjee to deal and Jagga’s connection can’t come on her, and put the blame on Akash, do raid at his home and catch him. He says fine.

Durga aids Akash and thanks him for always helping them. She says Mukherjee covered up always. Akash says Sakshi’s men can come here anytime, I will come in two mins. Dayal says how does Akash stay here, all cupboards empty, he has basic items. Akash says yes, I kept this to vacate the house on two mins. Akash changes his dress and says his name is Akram Rahmat Khan. He says he will tell them everything about his real identity. He says they don’t know anything, he will say them later, and asks Durga to put CDs and files from drawer.

Dayal says lets leave, as Sakshi’s goons will come here. Akash says no, Sakshi will know about me if she sees this. Dayal says my home is the safest, come with me. They leave and the police reaches there. Mukherjee sees the house locked and breaks the door. They try to find Akash. They don’t get anything there. Sakshi thinks how did Akash get saved by her sight. He has fooled them. She gets a call. Rajnath wakes up and asks whose call is it. She goes to take the call. She asks Mukherjee to give only good news.

Mukherjee says no, he is not at home. She asks him to catch Akash at any cost. He says he will need to talk to commissioner. She ends the call in anger. Rajnath asks whats the matter, who is dead now, that made you angry. She thinks she would have told him, if he understood her fears but he does not hear anything against Durga. She says she is angry but they can’t do anything and leaves. He laughs and someone has to pay for your anger.

Akash asks Durga to keep laptop and hard drive safely as it has all evidence what they did against Sakshi and others. Durga and Dayal are shocked. He says he came to take revenge from Sakshi. Then he met her and joined hands with her knowing her motive is same. He says he was upset when she decided to marry Shaurya, then Payal met with that state, I m responsible for this too, I m sorry I did not know Sakshi’s plan and could not stop it. He says he wanted to save her life and went to the goons, I m really sorry.

Durga asks whats the truth you are hiding from us, whats your motive. Akash says Sakshi Goenka is my mum. They are shell shocked. Dayal says what. Akash says I came Kolkata for Sakshi Rahmat Khan, its a long story. He says he was 10 years old and lost his mum, his dad Rahmat Khan stayed in Lucknow and run a newspaper, we were alone and missed my mum. He says I used to go to his press after school and saw Sakshi there, I came to know she is a reporter and started working there, I became her friend and one day my dad married her, I was very happy that my mum came in my house. Durga asks then what happened.

Akash says one year passed, I did not know Sakshi came in my dad’s house with a motive, she was ambitious, she used my dad as ladder to success. He says she has burnt my dad’s press which killed my dad too. He says he wanted to find solace in Sakshi’s arms but hee saw her true colors, she came to meet my Abdul Chacha, I felt she came to meet me, but Abdul has kept me hidden from her eyes. Abdul said him that Sakshi is dangerous for him. He saw Sakshi’s true side that she has burnt the press, else she will kill him. Abdul says Rahmat and Akram are dead.

She gives Abdul money and asks him to give statement as she says. Abdul asks Akram not to let Sakshi know he is alive, forget her, she is not your mum, but your dad’s murderer. Akash says it was shock for him, as he regarded her angel and she became a devil. Akash says Abdul did his upbringing, then he came to know Sakshi married Kolkata’s richest man Rajnath Goenka, I came here to see her, she did not see me, she was a powerful woman, I wanted my answers but did not go, as Abdul Chacha told me she can kill me.

He says he has fire in his heart and came himself capable to become a part in Goenka group, he got a job and worked under Mathur, I met Sakshi but I did not make her feel that its me whose life she ruined. He says before he could harm Sakshi, Mathur fought with me and fired him, he felt he will never get chance to get justice, then you met me, and you gave me a chance. I tried hard to make her away from her family, I did not get my answers, I don’t know why she married Rajnath and how. He says I always tried to know your story and motive, but I know I can’t bear your pain, I respect you a lot, what you did needs power, don’t tell me your story, maybe I will get weak and make you weak.

He says weak person can’t win over my mum, my dad too failed, of I get weak, you can cut me off too. Dayal says I m sorry Akram, it needs guts to say this. We will respect you more. Durga promises that she will find out how Sakshi Rahmat Khan became Sakshi Goenka.

Durga asks Akash to go far from Sakshi’s eyes. Akash says no, I will hurt her with thus last chance. Durga says you are great Akram Khan. Dayal says good luck. Akash smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. puzzling episode!

  2. Well Sakshi just marrying Aakash’s dad doesnt make her his mum technically. But the fact that she married and ruined his dad’s press for money or power…well this much we can guess about Sakshi…that she is power hungry. Interesting so far…just hope they dont make it another saas-bahu saga…waiting to see Sakshi’s reaction on RajMa affair….hehehehe

    1. well i dont think sakshi will leave raj as she wants power

  3. sravana bhargavi

    Wht an puzzling episode love it

  4. Such an interesting story ever before…

  5. Just loved this epi

  6. what will happen to aakash, when he says “I will hurt her with thus last chance”

  7. Just simply WoW……

  8. Wow this is the best episode ever seen!!!

  9. Wow I love this show.but please never bore us by dragging the episodes

  10. They needed the ratings….so , they had to change the story line.Anyways I’m keeping my fingers crossed for now.

  11. Ooo…best serial ever in starplus♥♥♥♥

  12. I love the new twist..wonder wat will happen next

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