Ek Hasina Thi 4th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 4th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shaurya liking Sakshi’s plan and smiling. Dayal welcomes Durga for patphere. Rajnath says Shaurya was feeling odd so he did not come. Dayal gifts a watch to Dev and he does not take it. He says he wants to talk to him. Dayal thinks will he ask about Nitya infront of everyone. Rajnath asks what is it. Dev says its between son in law and father in law. Dayal takes him. Dev says you have taken away my everything, I have risked my life, so that your and Durga’s motive is fulfilled, whats my mistake, that I was not with Nitya when she needed me, so I m being punished, that I had to sacrifice my true love and maybe I don’t deserve Nitya, but she deserves happiness and I will get it for her, but I regret that I have to trust you, and no other option, as you know where is she, give me any proof that what you told is true.

Dayal thinks how to make you sure that you are best for Nitya, your love is Lord’s blessings for Nitya, no one can love her more than you. Durga thinks what will Dev talk to Baba. Dayal asks Dev to trust him, as he promised him, he will meet Nitya on her birthday. Dayal brings Dev out and says you are like my son. Dayal makes Dev wear the watch and calls him his son. Everyone smile. Akash calls Dayal. Dayal takes the call. Akash tells everything about Sakshi’s plan. Dayal is shocked.

Akash says I know its not safe for Durga to go there, but Shaurya is with Sakshi now. Dayal says its dangerous, fine, bye. Dayal thinks and Rajnath asks what happened, is everything fine. Dayal says nothing, it was call from hospital. Its complicated case. Rajnath says I can understand, we will leave now. Rajnath asks them to come for dinner. Dayal says can I make Durga stay here for sometime. Suchitra says sure. Dayal says he will drop Durga. Rajnath says Dev will come. Dayal says no I will drop her. They leave. Durga asks whose call was it. Dayal says Akash.

Akash comes home and thinks about Sakshi. He thinks how did she know about Payal. Akash thinks he will also go to Bhishnupur to save Durga. Jatin calls Akash and Akash does not get the call. Jatin says where should I get Rs 5 crores for him. Sakshi talks to Shaurya’s doctor and says don’t share treatment reports with Durga. Rajnath comes and asks how is Shaurya. The doctor says he is fine. Sakshi asks where is Durga. Rajnath says Durga is with Dayal. He will drop her late. Sakshi thinks it means Akash called her, we will know is she with her or not with us.

Dayal asks Durga to call Akash. She says no, there is something else. He says Shaurya is supporting Sakshi. She says I feel Sakshi is doubting Akash. She says she kept Akash far from her plans, so we did not know Shaurya will refuse to marry. She says it means she has laid a trap for Akash. She says she is testing his loyalty, if I go Bhishnupur, Akash is safe, else his life is in danger. Dayal says we will meet him. Dayal calls Akash and Akash left the phone at home. Dayal says he is not taking the call.

Akash is on the way. Durga says I think he left for Bhishnupur, he is risking his life, we know him, he can’t think to risk my life, he thought he will see the goons himself, we have to save Akash. She says the goons will kill him. He says if you go there, the goons will kill you. She says she can’t risk Akash’s life, I have to save Akash, I have to go to Bhishnupur. They leave. Akash thinks its about Durga’s life and respect, I will save her, Allah help me please.

Dayal and Durga are on the way. Durga says if Sakshi knows Akash works for me, she will not leave him. Dayal says I hope Akash went Bhishnupur. She says I have to go there to make the goons see me, then she will not doubt Akash, Akash did a lot for us, I also have a duty, I m ready to face any risk. Jagga waits at the location. He says a car came. Sakshi thinks if its not Akash, she can use Akash against Durga, else….. She asks who is in the car. Jagga goes to see. Its Akash. He steps out. Jagga says its Akash. Sakshi is shocked and tells Shaurya that Akash is a traitor, he went to handle Jagga instead of Durga. Shaurrya says I did not like him ever.

Sakshi asks Jagga to kill him there itself and bury him there. She says call me and confirm. Akash has a gun with him. Akash looks on there. The goons hide. Akash shoots them down. Akash’s gun’s bullets get over and he hides in his car. Jagga comes shooting on him and Akash runs. Jagga follows him in his jeep. Akash runs on the road. Dayal and Durga see Akash’s car. Durga says I told you Akash will come here, did they take him, where is he. They call out Akash’s name. Akash runs and Jagga catches him. Akash says Ya Allah, protect Durga always. He smiles giving up his life, Jagga proceeds to kill him.

Sakshi is tensed and keeps calling Jagga. Shaurya asks what happened. Sakshi says Jagga is not taking call and asks Mukherjee to find out Jagga and his men.

Update Credit to: Amena

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