Ek Hasina Thi 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dev thinking how does Durga know all details. He asks the jailer to distribute the cake to everyone. He wishes his dad happy birthday and he knows he signed him to meet Nitya soon and know Durga’s secret. Suchitra asks Durga what did Dev say having the halwa she sent him. Suchitra says your son loves you a lot, he said he want to see you fine as before, and you should not cry. Suchitra cries. Durga hugs her. She makes her strong and asks her not to cry, and not show anyone that she is weak. She promises that she will see Dev back in few days, she will get him out of jail. Suchitra says I don’t know how to thank you and Dayal, you did a lot for me and Dev. Durga says I m doing this as its my duty. Suchitra says I was worried that you and Dev can’t be happy, but I m sure you are right for Dev, even Lord has chosen you for him, thanks, God bless you, if I said anything wrong, forgive me.

She folds her hands. Durga holds her hands and keeps her hand on her head. She says elders just give blessings, not fold hands. Suchitra says my blessings are always with you, I will get food for you now. She leaves. Durga thinks she has to expose Sakshi to get Dev out, she has to do this work soon. Sakshi likes the flowers and says she likes it. A lady Sanjukta Rey comes to meet her. Sakshi says Shaurya’s new physiotherapist, I heard a lot about you, you have magic in your hands. She says I m afraid that I can’t make Shaurya fine, I m profession and straight forward person, my work is everything, I realized I m dealing with Goenkas, maybe you will not like my attitude.

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She says I will be strict with Shaurya, I don’t want to annoy you and leave the city, I heard Goenkas does not leave their enemies. Sakshi smiles and says you heard it right, I appreciate your honesty, but you are our friend Prabhakar’s daughter. She says come, let me introduce my son. Shaurya says my hot new physiotherapist is lucky to meet me, I will make you my trophy. Sakshi brings Sanjukta to him. He coughs seeing her, as she is plain looking simple girl. She says Prabhakaar helped us in your case and she is his daughter, she will help you now. She says don’t mess with her. Shaurya thinks she is not my type, see her, ordinary girl, she won’t motivate me to get fine, she does not deserve insult from me.

Shaurya talks to Sanjukta. She says you can’t move, but your reputation is everywhere, and if I was hot as you imagined, what would you do. He says excuse me… She says don’t tell me you will run to your mum to complain that I m rude. He says I won’t be on wheel chair forever, I will stand on day. She says you need my help, so better keep your ego at side and let me do my work. Its morning, Durga prays doing the aarti. Sakshi comes to her and taunts her. Durga says have aaryi, you need Lord’s blessings, as you can get hurt falling from sky.

The servant says Indrabose came to meet you and Suchitra. Durga leaves. Sakshi thinks its legal advisor of Arvav’s trust. Rajnath meets him and asks why is he here. Indrabose says he has imp work and will tell only Suchitra. Rajnath says you are our servant, will you talk to me like this. Suchitra comes and meets him. Suchitra asks Rajnath to just stay and hear them. Suchitra asks is everything as we discussed. Bose says yes, Dayal Thakur has transferred cancer research foundation to Arnav’s trust, and Durga will head now. Rajnath is shocked. Suchitra says she is glad that Dev and Durga will head it now. Bose says I got sponsors too for this. Suchitra asks Durga to sign on papers and get Dev’s signs too.

Durga sigs on it. Rajnath looks on. Durga says we need Sakshi’s sign as she has to resign before I become project head, Sakshi was project head earlier and has to resign officially. She asks Bose to get resignation letter from Sakshi. Sakshi asks did you prepare papers. Sakshi’s smile goes. Durga says I will take her sign and takes the papers. Bose gives Arnav’s share 10% of company and Suchitra hands it over to Durga. Durga asks Sakshi to sign and taunts her. She thinks she should taunt about Raima seeing Sakshi angry. She taunts her and asks her to give her autograph on the resignation letter. Rajnath looks on controlling his anger. Sakshi looks on stunned.

Rajnath tells Sakshi that Durga got 10 % shared and Dev got powerful than me, what was the need to make Dev marry Durga. We got enemy in her. Sakshi is worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. wow.. its nice to see sakshi hopeless.. good job durga

  2. nice physiotherapist for shaurya nice episode . thanks amena

  3. U la la… SASKHI IS WORRIED…. 😀 hmmm.. nice play durga… hope u can free dev from JAIL…

  4. That is durga!really she rocks as the protagonist.hats off

  5. nice.good job Durga .


  7. Yr wat is this dev ko nikaloo jail sa

  8. I think rajnath is the murderer of arnab goenka n sakshi is blackmailing him fr the same

    1. yeah exactly…..i m thinking same tooo…….

  9. Amaaaaaziiiing !!!
    Brilliant to see everything going Durgas way !
    Such joy to see Rajnath and Sakshi’s faces

  10. Nice episode…gud to see sakshi worried.nice play durga well done…

  11. oh really rajnath is murderer of his brother !!?? dan story will be more interesting. good guess yar.i think u ll be right

  12. @shilpa nice guess.. If thts the case then serial would be great this serial takg unexpected twist always gud gng as of nw

  13. i wonder who was the man Akash use to talk

  14. Akhash use to update on all the plans – could it be Arnab, dev’s father

  15. dont think its arnav.. actually akash didnt know durgas plan so he didnt trust her completely.. so he use to give update to someone .. and that someone is still mystery

  16. Yaar akash ne apna pura plan disclose kar diya h….still he is a mystery

  17. Nice did .. I Love this serial the most … And also like durga . but the thing i don’t like about her is jer sarees .. That is old fashioned .. So please replace it and use some good sarees so that see will look more pretier and cute

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