Ek Hasina Thi 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Suchitra thinking about Shaurya’s words. Dayal calls her and invites her for Patphere. She says she will discuss at home and let him know. Dayal thanks her for keeping his respect. She says Dev loves Nitya and Durga and Shaurya love each other. She comes to Dev and gives Dayal’s message. Dev says he will come and thinks he has to know about Nitya from Dayal. He says he has some work and leaves. Rajnath is at Raima’s home and he says Durga has to bear Sakshi now, I know Sakshi will create a mess. Raima says Sakshi smartly broke Shaurya’s relation with Durga. He says he is fed up and need a holiday.

He gives her tickets and says two week holiday plan. She gets glad and says after two weeks, again Sakshi. He says you know what I want, just my aim gets fulfilled once, after that…… Sakshi will be out of our life. She smiles. He asks her to manage for few days more. Durga tells Dayal about Shaurya. Dayal says he has not seen an animal like him in all his life. She says thank God he is paralyzed, he has to be in same state till my motive I fulfilled. He says he invited Suchitra, lets meet in evening. She says fine and ends the call.

Suchitra comes to talk to Durga. She asks do you still love Shaurya, I told you to forget everything and move on, I think you are unable to do this, I saw you and Shaurya together, I was very disturbed, I know will it be possible for you to love Dev. Durga says she did not like when Shaurya came in my room. Suchitra asks why did you not wake up Dev. Durga says I did not want him to be hurt. Suchitra says Dev is getting punished, he went out empty stomach today. Durga says I loved Shaurya, but Dev is my husband, I will not cheat Dev, believe me.

Durga thinks I did not know this situation will come. Suchitra says come with me. Jatin talks to his lawyer. The man asks him to pay alimony on time. Jatin thinks his business is down, why did Sakshi come in between, if I do anything with Raima, Sakshi will not leave me. Akash calls him and says about Raima’s affair, if you want to get saved of alimony, then prove it. Jatin asks with whom. Akash says Rajnath Goenka, I have proof, I will call tomorrow, you will get what you want and I will get what I want. Dayal says good, our plan is going on as Durga wanted.

Sakshi talks to Shaurya about her plan. Suchitra comes there with Durga and tells about Shaurya going in Durga’s room at night, she has seen it. She asks Shaurya does he still love Durga, and says his words. Sakshi says we should not make it an issue. Suchitra says the issue was made when Shaurya refused to marry Durga and you covered up and made Dev marry Durga. Suchitra asks Shaurya to accept the truth that Durga is Dev’s wife, so be away from her. Suchitra takes Durga.

Sakshi asks Shaurya to control his emotions and asks him to promise. He says no. She is shocked. He thinks he will support mum to reach Nitya, but he will not give up honeymoon idea with Durga. Shaurya and Sakshi think who can it be who is supporting Durga. She gets Mukherjee’s call and says I m sad to hear you are transferred and demoted. He says no, I m trying to get the goons. He says Mathur’s network was strong. She says use Akash. He says no, Akash did not reply me anything when I called him.

She thinks she has seen Akash outside Durga’s house. Akash is the one who is supporting Durga. Shaurya says I don’t like him. Sakshi says is he the traitor. Shaurya says Akash has to give a test, if he fails, then I will personally handle him. She says you won’t do this, if Akash is traitor, I will decide what to do with him, its strange, when I was calling you when you were at the Dhaba with Durga, I was angry as her mobile was busy, if its her plan, she would be talking to her helper, do you think its Akash, we have to find out the truth, if he is traitor, I promise I will kill him.

She says today Akash won’t be able to get in touch with Durga as she will go for Patphere, today we will test his loyalties. Akash prays Namaz and calls Jatin. He tells about the proof and asks him to meet soon. He messages Durga that the work is done. Durga comes to the kitchen and thinks of her past. The FB shows her mum and Nitya. She asks Kaka what everyone likes in this house. Kaka tells about everyone’s choice being different. He says Shaurya loves food a lot. She thinks she has to mix something in his food, that he can’t get up from his wheelchair. Sakshi hears Durga asking about Shaurya. Durga sees her and is shocked.

Sakshi asks Akash to call Durga and tell about the goons who attacked Payal. She says Durga will do there and the goons will kill her. Akash is shocked. Shaurya and Sakshi test him.

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  1. Hi writer,

    This serial is abt whom taking revenge Durga or Sakshi,

    atleast make it interesting for viewers

    1. oh shut up!!! they are doing a good job with this serial and it is going well. you must be really really stupid to think the otherway. Sakhi of course is angry and wants to take revenge because her beloved son lost the use of his legs while with Durga who she already suspects and detests. It is a very logical plot. Stupid!!!!

  2. before saying shut up atleast you must know why durga is taking revenge. anyways all serial on star plus are becoming boring and it’s not a surprise if this one also will becoming a boring one.

    atleast there’s people like you to keep on watching boring serial without any sense and ask others to shut up

  3. before saying shut up atleast you must know why durga is taking revenge. anyways all serial on star plus are becoming boring and it’s not a surprise if this one also will becoming a boring one.

    atleast there’s people like you to keep on watching boring serial without any sense and ask others to shut up

  4. Yaar… Tolu… Chill… Durga has a history… You got to know that to understand the current happenings. Ans to your ques… Durga is the one taking revenge… And now it has become an open war between Durga n Sakshi… Looks like Durga is going to lose Akash… Or will Akash unravel his misterious past…

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