Ek Hasina Thi 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Ek Hasina Thi 2nd May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Durga telling Raima that Sakshi does not know her secret. She says that you love shopping. Raima smiles and says Sakshi knows this. Durga says why were you tensed, is there any other secret. Raima is shocked to see Jatin there. Shaurya meets Akash and talks to him. Shaurya says you know that you are taking Mathur’s place. Akash says yes. Shaurya says come, let me show you other responsibilities. Akash says you mean special service, like keeping an eye on Durga. She says Sakshi wanted me to know about her. He says you will get all her info. Raima asks Jatin what is he doing here.

Jatin says why, you are spending my money. Raima says Durga lets leave. Jatin asks is your boyfriend waiting for you that you are running leaving your husband. Durga says you can’t talk to her like this. He says I m talking to my wife. Raima says ex wife. Jatin says divorce did not happen till now. Durga says enough. Are you a man or an animal. Raima says he is an animal. Jatin is about to slap Raima and Durga stops him. Durga says go from here else I will send you somewhere. Jatin leaves. Raima cries and says I can’t take this anymore, I hope to get divorce from him soon.

Durga pacifies her. Raima thanks her. She says I felt Maa Durga is with me. Durga thinks Payal told everything to Raima. Raima supported her knowing that she was raped but when Payal said Shaurya, Raima did not support her. Durga says I can’t see a woman getting insulted. Shaurya asks Akash to give him every advance report of Durga. Akash says sure. Shaurya says this shpuld be only between us. Welcome to the family. Raima calls Sakshi and tells she met Durga. She says Jatin walked in and Durga scared Jatin and made him leave. Raima says this girl is amazing.

Sakshi says fine, take care, if Jatin troubles you again, call me, take care darling. Raj comes home and sees Sakshi. He asks what happened now. Sakshi says Jatin met Raima at a coffee shop and tried to slap her, but Durga saved her. Raj says fantastic, she is a great girl. Sakshi says is she? I m not so sure. She says she saved Shaurya that day in police station. She says she was not in her senses and still supported Shaurya, and today she saved Raima, I feel strange and danger hearing her name.

Shaurya gets Akash’s call. Akash says I have some info about Durga. Shaurya hears it and smiles. Durga comes to an ashram with gifts. She is shocked to see Shaurya giving gifts to the ashram people. Shaurya sees Durga and she smiles. He comes to her and says you here. She asks what are you doing bhere. He fools her by his sweet words that he respects elders and wants their blessings. She goes to talk to a man. The ashram Kaka tells Shaurya that Durga loves that old man and takes care of him.

Durga says I love everyone one, but Dada is really special to me, he is blind. She leaves. Shaurya thinks its good chance to impress Durga by giving eyesight to that old man. Shaurya asks Durga does she regard him her friend. She says yes. He says I want to do something for him, that he can see again, we will take him to best eye surgeon Dr. Banerjee. She says ofcourse, why will I say no. Durga thinks she knows what Shaurya wants to do and he should pay for the sins he did. She says lets see your reaction when you know you gave eyesight to whom. Shaurya thinks you will get eyes as I will get Durga.

Raima is leaving for lunch. Raj calls her and says I m at home and Sakshi is not at home. Raima says wish me everything will be fine. Raj says I m also coming with you, you are not alone. She says I love you, you don’t come, Sakshi will be with me. He says fine, wish you all the best. Shaurya and Durga bring the old man to the eye hospital. Shaurya says I want the operation to happen today itself. The man thanks Durga for coming in his life. Shaurya says I hope he gets his eyes soon, such a melodrama. The man thanks Shaurya too.

Shaurya wipes his hand as the man holds his hand. Durga thinks you have done a big mistake, I will make you bend to everyone whom you have kept under your foot.

Sakshi calls Shaurya and asks him is he at the hospital. He says yes, you will be proud of me knowing what I m doing here. Durga smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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