Ek Hasina Thi 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hasina Thi 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rajnath thinking to make things fine with Suchitra as its Arnav’s birthday today. He thinks he will kill Dev and not let his name come in between. He talks to her. She says she will celebrate it at the school, she will celebrate at home when Dev comes back in 5 days, as Durga promised her. Sakshi hears this. Suchitra hears this. Sakshi fills Rajnath’s ears against Dev saying its sad that Dev shot Raima, we have just one son, Shaurya, Dev is a killer, I really hope we can save Raima, if Dev comes back, will he not attack Raima again. Rajnath says no, Dev can’t be trusted, don’t worry, I will handle Dev, he will not come out alive from jail. He calls Vasu and says he has a work, which only he can do. Sakshi thinks sorry Durga, I won’t let your promise be fulfilled, Dev will be out of jail, but being dead.

Rajnath says Vasu said that Dev and Mathur had argument in jail, Mathur does not know Dev well, what will be the reason. Sakshi says Mathur is his enemy as Dev is Goenka, he did much work for us, I m thinking to make him do one last work. Rajnath thinks sorry Bhabhi, but Arnav’s birthday will never be celebrated, as Dev will die on this day. He smiles. Rajnath comes to meet Mathur, shocking him. Mathur asks what did he come to ask for this time. Rajnath says he came to warn him, my son Dev is in this jail, nothing is imp to me than my sons, Dev and Shaurya are future of Goenka empire, don’t go near Dev and don’t try to harm him, else you can understand what I can do.

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Mathur says I m afraid, you don’t have anything than words. He leaves being bored. Rajnath smiles and thinks I also want this Mathur, you hate me a lot and get angry on Dev, just kill Dev. Dev thinks to talk to Mathur and comes in lunch area, and say he is against Goenkas, how to make him realize this. He sits near Mathur with food plate. He says can we talk. Mathur nods no and says you got scared in one time, and came to talk, don’t worry, I won’t kill you, your death won’t be fun. He says Rajnath came to me, asking me not to harm my Dev. Dev is shocked. Mathur says you become Rajnath’s pet dog, is it that Raima is blackmailing Rajnath and asking money to hide his affair, so maybe you or Rajnath shot her, and he asked you to take the blame.

Dev is stunned knowing about Rajnath and Raima’s affair. He says what nonsense is this. Mathur laughs and says why are you acting, don’t do this drama infront of me, I know Goenkas well, I gave my life to them, I have covered their sins, don’t act innocent. He asks why did he take Rajnath’s blame, as he is taking care of you and your mum. Dev says Rajnath did not do any favor on me and my mum. They start fighting. Dev hurts Mathur a lot. The jailer comes and takes him. Dev shouts that he hates Rajnath and Sakshi, they have ruined Nitya and Payal’s life, I will get them punished for their crime, they will come in this ail, you just wait and watch. Mathur is shocked.

The jailer calls Rajnath and says that the fight happened, but Dev has failed Mathur and he has to be isolated now, but I did not do this to make Mathur get another chance. Durga comes there and he gets tensed seeing her. He asks her to come. She says she wants to meet Dev. Dev is called. Durga sees him wounded. He says its just small wound. She thinks was the jailer talking about Dev, everyone want to knock down Dev, I won’t let anything happen to him, I will free him soon. She talks to him. He asks how is Maa. She says she is fine, its not easy for her, but she is being strong. Dev says I know she is strong, she might be feeling alone as its dad’s birthday and we always celebrated it together. He asks what did she send for me.

She shows him the halwa she made for him. Dev tastes it and smiles. He says tell Maa not to worry, thanks to you Durga, for supporting my mum. She says whats there to thank me, I can’t see her sad. She says I got something else for you. He asks what. She shows him cake saying happy father’s day, as you celebrate this every year, last time you and Nitya celebrated it together. He says yes, he remembers. She says you both made the cake together. He says yes, we made it bad. She laughs and says you added vinegar instead vanilla essence. Dev smiles.

Durga says I did not wish this ritual to break, so I got it here. She lights the candle. She says for you Dev. He asks did she add vinegar in this. She says she can’t make this mistake. Dev wishes his dad happy birthday and happy father day. The man asks Durga to come, as her two mins are over now. Dev says its ok Durga, you go, you did a lot for me, once again thanks a lot, I have many favor of you on me. Durga sees him taken inside the cell. She thinks Dev did favors on her, many…. Dev holds the cake and thinks in FB about him and Nitya making the cake.

Dev makes the cake and it burns. He thinks how does Durga know about this so well, Nitya did not write this in diary, as she could not write that day, having her hand fractured. In FB, Dev says I will see how you write with left hand. Nitya says leave it, its fine as I will always remember this. Dev thinks how does Nitya know, when we celebrated last time, her hand was fractured, how does Durga know all details.

Durga does aarti. Sakshi asks did she seek blessings, as she has less time to win her challenge. Durga asks her to take aarti, as she needs Lord’s blessings more.

Update Credit to: Amena

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