Ek Hasina Thi 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 29th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sakshi asking Durga why is she stopping them. The doctor says she can’t meet her as she is on sedatives. Rajnath says fine, we will meet later. Sakshi thinks its fine, as I have already given her deep wounds. She says we will meet later on. Rajnath asks Dayal and Durga to take his help if they need. Suchitra sees Payal and cries thinking she should not have been in this state, I wish I could take time back. Sakshi asks Durga not to worry and not think she has something in her heart, she hated Nitya and Payal, but now her anger is gone seeing a mentally unstable girl. She says she has sympathy for her, maybe she is paying for her sins. Shaurya thinks Durga will cry for four days for Payal, no dates and no honeymoon. He says Durga, please take care of yourself, and if you need anything, just call me. Sakshi asks him to stay here to support Durga. Rajnath says no, I feel we should go home.

Sakshi says Suchitra is not here. Dev says he will bring mum home. Rajnath leaves with family. Dev sees Durga crying. Kangana says Durga looks much affected by Payal’s condition, but why is she so involved. She says Durga was right I think it was not robbery incident. She says why will come goons play dhol, color faces and ruin everything, this is so strange, no professional gang will do this. Shaurya thinks it was same like this when they raped Payal, is this coincidence or mum did this, but why. He sees Sakshi and says Kangana, it happens. Sakshi smiles. Shaurya thinks he won’t ask mum, play your game, I will play mine, our target is same, Durga is in double trouble, we have to see who wins, ofcourse me. He asks Rajnath to stop the car and he wants to meet Karan. Sakshi says go and have fun, don’t take stress, you will marry Durga.

Dev talks to Suchitra. She says I came home as I could not see Payal. He says she will get fine. He says he will be here for some time. She says Durga is also in bad state, who does this for any stranger in today’s world. He says yes, I will come soon. Durga sits beside Payal and talks to her. She says you are give strong sedatives, you can’t hear anything, but I know you can hear me, be strong, you will get fine again, nothing will happen to you. Dev sees this standing far.Durga says she will always be with her. Dev sees Durga crying a lot. Durga says I m sorry I left you alone and went.

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Payal opens her eyes, sees Durga and closes eyes. Dev thinks Durga also broke with Payal, you do everything for Payal as Nitya will do, why are you marrying Shaurya. Dayal comes to Dev. Dev says I m sorry, Maa went without meeting you, she was sad seeing Payal. Dayal says I understand, I can see concern in you and your mum’s eyes. Dev thinks he is finding truth. Dayal asks him to go and rest, he is here. Dev leaves. Sakshi talks to the goon and praises him, saying well done. She asks him to go out of city for few days. She turns and is shocked seeing Rajnath.

Rajnath understands Sakshi did this, you have shown your plan, are you not ashamed, what do you want to prove that your son is a rapist, we did so much to save Shaurya, why are you doing this now to show down Durga and kick her out of Shaurya’s life, today you have become Shaurya’s enemy, you ruined his happiness for your ego, why. Sakshi says Durga ruined his life, she made me helpless to do this. She says please tell me whats connection between Payal and Durga. She says yes, I have used Payal to break my son’s marriage. She says seeing Durga like this, mu question is whats the relation in between them. Dev is shocked hearing this. Rajnath says you are paranoid, you have many friends, still you feel Raima is your soul sister, if anything happens to her, won’t you feel bad.

Rajnath says remember my words, one day you will fight yourself, you will ruin yourself. Sakshi says its not about me. He says tell me whats connection between Dayal and Payal. Sakshi sees Dev hearing them and is shocked. Rajnath is shocked too. Rajnath says Dev come, how is Durga. Dev says she is better. Rajnath asks him to be with Suchitra and take rest. Dev looks at Sakshi. Dev thinks even Sakshi thinks like me, she also doubts Durga and Payal’s connection. Sakshi tells Rajnath that she will solve the mystery. Rajnath gets angry. Suchitra sees Payal and Nitya’s childhood pics with Dev. She cries and Dev comes to her.

Suchitra says about Shyam and Bhavna, and their children Payal and Nitya. Dev asks do you think that they did this, are they bad, no. Suchitra says don’t know, I asked this that time also. She says Payal told in court that she blamed Shaurya for wrong, but I remember the small Payal in our house. She says I felt past will not surface up, but same question is infront of us and no answers. He thinks he will prove that those girls were innocent.

Durga looks happy and says Sakshi that their relation is old but getting strong now, she will marry Shaurya. She does Tilak to Shaurya, shocking Sakshi.

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  1. i thought dev will hear everything but its ok again durga is getting ready for marriage it should stop somewho

  2. What a thrilling epi……. just hope dev comes to know about durga being nitya……..

  3. That sakshi should be punished….

  4. I guess dev just heard shakshis question regarding duruga nd payals relationship.
    Nothing much :'(

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