Ek Hasina Thi 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hasina Thi 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sakshi coming to the orphanage and thins of her childhood. The FB shows her getting a place in the orphanage. A lady accepts her and welcomes her knowing her parents are dead. A man gives them donation and sweets. The orphanage head does not give anything to kids and scolds Sakshi. Sakshi gets all the things by hiding and distributes in kids. The man asks who stole all this. Sakshi says I did this, I did not steal. The man gets angry. She runs away from him and leaves from orphanage. He runs after her. She comes to the dead end. The man catches her. She bites the man and he falls down the end. He dies. Sakshi is shocked.

She roams in the orphanage and thinks in FB how she sponsored the orphanage and met the same lady after many years. She says she will provide everything to kids, but has a condition that they won’t redevelop. All things will be given to kids, not sold. The lady agrees. Sakshi says music and education is necessary for kids, and my first gift is library and music room. The lady thanks her. She says kids will be happy, I will tell them. Sakshi smiles. She comes and meets the same old lady, who accepted her when she was a little girl. The woman welcomes her.

Sakshi asks are they all fine, she was passing by, so came to meet them. She asks are you getting money and items on time. The lady says everything is fine. She sees a man being ill and treated. She says I will see the orphanage, you take care of your husband. She goes to the library and music room. The kids greet her. Sakshi talks to them sweetly and says she wants to check is everything fine here, and asks them to go out. The kids leave. Sakshi shuts the door. She thinks music has all imp secrets of her in the notes. She sees the piano and gets the envelop out of it. She gets the video tape of Rajnath.

She thinks she has hidden it there many years ago, when she wanted to marry Rajnath. She says my life journey, this tape is valuable more than my life, it has a secret which made Sakshi Rahmat Khan to Sakshi Rajnath Goenka. She leaves and is on the way. She thinks Rajnath will never get the tape, as she knows her past, and her relation with orphanage, he does not know. She thinks if this secret is out, he will be ruined and her position will go, he can’t do anything.

The doctor treats Shaurya and gets scolded. He says its not magic, have patience. Shaurya thinks Dev is in jail, Durga is alone, this is golden opportunity. He asks doctor to do small favor and pushes him. Sakshi comes to him. The doctor says no one can treat him, he will never be able to walk. He leaves. Shaurya says I will stand on my fete, run, dance, I will show you. Sakshi says really, how will you walk, its third doctor who left in one month, you think it’s a joke. She asks him to get well. He asks her to kill Durga. She says she has to reach Nitya by Durga.

She says Nitya is a smart player. She asks him to meet the new physiotherapist and she is the best. Shaurya gets glad knowing it’s a girl. He says I can’t misbehave with any girl. She smiles and says you better not, she is highly recommended, I don’t want to lose her. Shaurya says never, I promise, I will do exercises and get back to my feet. She says good and leaves. He says now it will be fun in treatment, as it’s a beautiful girl to treat me. He whistles.

Durga and Dayal see security at Raima’s ward. The guard says Sakshi told me not to allow anyone without ID cards. Durga says Sakshi will not let us meet Raima. Dayal says she is very smart, the guard won’t allow us. Durga says yes, but we have to move guard from entrance. Dayal says fine, I will see, you will have just few mins, whatever you have to do, do it fast. Durga says fine, its enough for me. Dayal goes and calls receptionist, saying he is talking from Goenka office, please call guard from Raima’s ward, its urgent. The guard gets the info and comes to take the call from Sakshi’s office. Durga goes to meet Raima.

She sees her and thinks Raima, we both know that Dev is not responsible for this, he did not do anything, and only you can say this, I need your help to provde Dev innocent. She sees the camera. The guard get angry as its faux call and goes back. Dayal thinks I hope Durga did her work. Durga keeps the clock looking camera in side. She leaves. The guard thinks did anyone plan to get him off the place and checks the ward. Durga tells Dayal that their work is done. She sees the video and says thank God, I left before he reached.

The guard questions the doctor. She says I came for checkup, please go out. He says no one will come without asking me and leaves. Durga says we will get every min info by the hidden camera, Sakshi will try to kill Raima, we will save Raima and Dev. Dayal says Dev will be out when we get Sakshi commit this crime and get recorded.

Sakshi tells Rajnath to give Mathur the laast work. Mathur beats Dev in jail. Dev also beats him back. Mathur attacks Dev and he gets wounded.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Supr…durga…
    Make dev out f jail..quickly….

  2. Good work amena

  3. This show is really good unlike other serials which keep stretching single thing for weeks.

  4. i totally agree wid u yami this serial doesnt strech a lot like other serials

  5. Soooo thrilling !
    Hope Durga gets the evidence she needs to trap the evil one !

  6. Yami u r absolutely right.i totally agree wid u…. Great episode…durga u r simply superb

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