Ek Hasina Thi 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Durga thanking Akash. Akash says I m thankful to you for your help. The FB scene shows Durga seeing Mathur insulting Akash and kicking him out of the office. Durga offered him the job and he started working for her. Dayal says good news, Babjee and Divya are fine now. Dayal thanks Akash for helping Durga a lot. Akash says I will do anything to teach a lesson to Goenkas. The FB scene shows how Akash has fooled Sakshi. Dayal says we have to send them somewhere far. Akash says don’t worry, I will send them to Dubai., I have some contacts there.

Akash gets a call while Durga goes to meet Divya. Sakshi asks Akash did he handle everything well. He says yes, Babjee and Divya are dead. Sakshi says she is happy and he has won her trust. He says thanks. He thinks your trust is not important for me, I did this for Durga’s friendship, I don’t know how is Durga related to Payal, I will wait that she trusts me and tells me the truth. Rajnath asks Sakshi what did she manage and how. She tells him everything and says I m happy to inform Divya and Babjee are no more. Rajnath laughs and claps.

He says Bravo, people should learn to keep animosity by you. He laughs and leaves. Durga tells Divya and Babjee that Sakshi will never harm you now. Divya asks who are you and why are you helping us, risking your life. Even Sakshi was asking this. Durga says we are your well wishers as you were of Payal. Divya asks how is Payal, where is she, where is Nitya Di. Dayal signs Durga no. Durga says you will get all the answers when the right time comes, take rest now, we have done the arrangements for you, you will be having a new life from tomorrow.

Shaurya asks Rajnath to talk to Dayal about him and Durga. Rajnath says I would have been happy if you were doing this by heart. Shaurya smiles and says call me and let me hear when you talk about my proposal so that I can know whether you are cheating. Rajnath comes to meet Dayal. They have a game and then a talk. Rajnath calls Shaurya and lets him hear their talk. Dayal asks what does you want from me, as you made me win the game. Rajnath says I want to ask something from you.

He says you know everything, about Shaurya’s rape case. He was proved innocent but was in mental trauma, I m seeing a positive change in him, like he is getting involved in business, the reason is Durga. Shaurya smiles. Dayal asks whats the connection. Rajnath says for a successful partnership, it can be personal too. He says if we could make Shaurya and Durga married…. Dayal says I know Shaurya proved innocent, and is responsible now, but we should be keep our relation only professional. Shaurya gets angry and says dad you are such a loser. I will make Durga mine.

Dayal comes home and tells everything to Durga that Rajnath brought Shaurya’s proposal. She says its good. Dayal says I want a normal life for you. She says when Nitya died, all my normal desires ended. He says you have made only enemies, where are you friends. She smiles and says maybe Lord has some way for this. Dev lands in Kolkata. His intro scene is shown. He sees Nitya’s pic and cries. He kisses a locket in where he has Nitya’s pics. Someone throws nail pad before his car, and the tyres go flat. A thief comes to steal his bag and he beats him. He says I m back after two years.

The thief apologizes and Dev leaves him. He says its good to accept your mistake, I also come here to rectify my mistake. He thinks about Nitya. The FB scene shows him meeting Nitya when he was leaving for abroad. The thief steals his locket and runs. Dev runs after him. He thinks Nitya gave him that locket. She was his best friend. Dev runs after him. He catches him at last and says give me the locket. The thief says take it. He shows a knife to him. Dev holds his knife with his hand and it bleeds. He gets angry and beats the thief. He takes the locket and thinks it was Nitya’s good luck locket.

Dev scolds the thief. The police comes and catches him. The driver asks Dev to go to hospital in taxi. Dev says no, its good. He says fate punishes people. He looks at the locket and thinks about Nitya. Nitya asks him to keep his girlfriend’s pic in it. Dev opens the locket and thinks of his hug with Nitya. She promised him that she will be waiting for him. He sees Nitya’s pic in it. Durga comes there and walks by him.

Dev promises to Nitya that he will find out the truth why this happened. He comes to meet Shaurya.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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