Ek Hasina Thi 27th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hasina Thi 27th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dayal saying Nitya is alive. Dev is shocked and says I knew my heart is saying the truth. He asks where is Nitya, is she fine, how do you know that she is alive. Dayal says what Durga and I are doing is because of Nitya, she can’t come infront of the world, only I know where is she, else no one can find her. Dev asks him to tell him where is Nitya. Dayal says yes, I know you love her, so I m offering you a deal, you have to marry Durga and I promise you Nitya will be infront of you on her birthday. Dev says what? I should marry Durga, how can you say this, you know very well that I love Nitya, how can I marry Durga. Everyone looks on. Dayal says its about Durga’s reputation, else I would have not told you this. He asks Dev to accept the deal as he promises he will take him to Nitya, else he will keep trying to find her.

Dev says you tell me, if I marry Durga, when Nitya comes, what will I tell her, that I love you and married Durga. Dayal says what if she does not see you like this, she does not love you. Dev says he will try, why is she hiding, why is she afraid, she is hiding from me too, please tell her that Dev is here and I will help her, nothing will happen to her. Dayal says much happened with her when she needed you, you were not with her, so she wants to be away from her, I will explain her, but when you agree to marry Durga. He says you have to marry Durga if you have to meet Nitya. Dev says how can I believe that you are saying the truth, what if you change after the marriage. Dayal asks him to take the risk, he does not have any option.

Dayal says only you believe Nitya is alive and I know she is alive, I will wait for your decision. Suchitra says Dev, lets go home. Durga asks Dayal what did he say. Dayal says he will agree, don’t worry, I gave him the offer he can’t refuse. She asks what did he say. He says leave it on me. She says if he agrees, it will look odd if I agree. He says exactly, you create a scene and don’t agree that you will marry him, I will handle the situation. Dev cries. Suchitra asks what happened.

Sakshi thinks what did Dayal say that Dev did not leave. Shaurya says this is oversmart old man, don’t know what did he say Dev that he is thinking so much. Shaurya says Dev will agree to marry, not to worry, Durga won’t agree as she loves me. Suchitra asks Dev not to get under anyone’s pressure, I m with you. Dev goes to everyone and says I m ready to marry Durga. Everyone is shocked. Dayal smiles. Dev says I don’t want Durga and Dayal’s reputation goes because of my family. He says Sakshi is right, as Shaurya has backed out at last moment and made fun of everyone’s emotions, so I have to do this being a son of this family.

Dev says you should be ashamed Shaurya, you said you love Durga and did suicide and left her today. Shaurya says mind your language and stay in limits. Dev says yes, here no one wants to tell you your mistake, I will cross my limit always I promise. Dev says he is ready to marry Durga for his family’s sake. Sakshi smiles and says good, I m glad.

Dev asks Dayal to start the rituals. Dayal says sure. Durga reminds him her words that she will not marry him, she did not come to beg him, and she does not want anyone’s sympathy. She says Shaurya forgot his love but I can’t do this as I love Shaurya. Dayal says he left you. Shaurya tells his friends to see his effect, I told she will not agree. Durga says I can’t marry Dev. Dayal fakes a heart attack and falls. Everyone is shocked. Durga says Baba and runs to him. Sakshi thinks such a big drama. Dayal does good drama trying to convince Durga. Durga says she will marry Dev if he says so. She cries. Sakshi smiles. Dayal says promise me. Durga promises him that she will marry Dev. Sakshi says I was right, its their drama, Durga wants to come inside Goenka mansion, fine come Durga, I will welcome you in my house.

Shaurya gets angry. Karan calms him down. Rajnath makes Dayal sit. Dev looks at Durga and asks pandit ji to start the marriage rituals. Dayal looks on. Durga feels sad as she is using Dev, but this is fate. Dayal says he is feeling better now. Shaurya says he wants to go and Sakshi asks him to stay. Raima thinks its Sakshi’s master stroke as she kept Durga at her home and brought Shaurya out of Durga’s control, you are a genius Sakshi. Dayal does the kanyadaan. He thinks his trust on Lord Maa is great, as he is happy that Durga is with the right man, he is doing this kanyadaan by his heart, though the marriage is fake. Dev thinks what will I tell Nitya when I meet her, I hope she understands me and forgives me. Dev and Durga exchange the garlands. Sakshi says she will do the Ghatbandhan.

Dev tells Sakshi that she did many favors on him, and promises he will return all her favors soon. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. F*** off

  2. hi whatever u always provoke me.
    Thanks sid for replying whatever in yesterday update

    1. Shut up sun of the b*t*h

  3. yes u always provoke sid
    this is to keep healthy discussion not to provoke others

  4. an evil wisher

    Very good episode it was ! Best episode until now !!!!!! I liked it a lot.

  5. Excited fr d nxt epi!!!!

  6. i was a good episode but iam little upset bcoz i thought that shaurya will marry durga but also no probs all good

  7. shakshi always come to know everything in advance . now that is not fair and acceptable yaaaar.it’s disappointing for viewers.otherwise d script is nice. plz give shakshi shocks dnt make her know everything in advance

  8. I agree wit meetu. I wish dev knows d nitya-durga fact by himself witout dayal or durga telling him. And dat will b d best episode.
    Thanks fr d updates amena

  9. Its good to know dat durga married dev… nt shaurya

  10. nice! expected though. Wat I like the best abt this serial is the villains are not dumb! they are equally challenging. and the fact that durga doesn’t get weakunlike the typical saas bahu saga!!

  11. sakshi is equally comparible to durga that makes the serial with much obstacles in it and challenging for durga to handle and control the mess created by sakshi……..thats interesting …luv each and every epi of this show…

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