Ek Hasina Thi 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Durga being shocked as the doctor informs her about Payal’s state. She drops her mobile. Rajnath and Dayal ask what happened. Durga runs. Dayal takes the mobile and goes after her. Dayal asks what happened. Durga says Payal, farmhouse, we have to leave. Shaurya comes and asks what happened. Durga says its emergency, I have to go. Shaurya says he will come. She says no need. Dev also comes running. Durga says I mean Baba is with me. Dev stops her and asks what happened, he will come with her. She cries. She sees Shaurya and leaves. Suchitra asks what happened, where did they go. Dev says don’t know, she was worried. Sakshi smiles.

Shaurya asks Dev to relax as Durga is his to be wife, her life’s issues are his duty and let me handle it. Sakshi says Durga went without taking Prasad. Let us pray she is not in problem. She asks Shaurya to call her and ask, maybe we can help her some way. Sakshi thinks no one can help her now, she won’t challenge me now, congrats for the end of the marriage. Shaurya comes home and calls Karan. He says lets go to pub, Durga went somewhere, maybe for social service. Shaurya says lets go and drink, I m thinking to call my ex girlfriend Shobana, this good boy wants to have some bad fun, see you.

Rajnath says Dayal is not taking call. Kangana says why is this problems coming. Rajnath says ask your mum, and thinks Sakshi is involved in this, I know she is against Durga and she is after her. Kangana asks what did dad say. Sakshi says you know him, he gets tensed, you relax. Durga and Dayal reach the farmhouse. They see everything ruined inside and are shocked. Durga asks the doctor where is Payal. He says she is in room, stop, be prepared, Payal’s condition is not good, she is not identifying anyone. She is very afraid.

Durga cries says you all wait here, I will go inside the room. She goes to Payal and says Payal……………. Payal says Nitya Di……….. Durga says yes, its me, I came to you. Dayal asks the doctor who were they. The doctor says don’t know, I don’t understand, I called ambulance and called police, we have to admit Payal in rehab. Payal pushes Durga and says don’t come near me, don’t touch me. Durga says look at me, its me. Payal loses her mental balance and says hear the sound, he came here, he had red color on his face and dhols were beating. Durga says there is no one here, nothing will happen to you.

Payal says he will come again. She says about whistle. Durga cries. Payal collapses. Durga asks her to get up and thinks of Sakshi’s words. She shouts Sakshi Goenka. Sakshi thinks Durga might have seen Payal’s state and now you will be punished, you will shout there, I will get peace, shout loudly Durga, but you won’t be able to do anything. Sakshi talks to Mukherjee. He says Dayal made the complaint. She asks him to as she says, else he will get transferred. He says fine. She turns and sees Rajnath listening her. She says your face shows you are thinking what am I planning now and you don’t trust me. She says you are thinking right. He says tell me, what will you do now.

She says a mum can do anything for a child, I m doing this for Shaurya’s good. He asks her to tell him. She says I m sorry, and leaves. Durga and Dayal come to hospital. Durga cries and says Sakshi did this Baba, did you see Payal, her state, so much pain, I can’t see my sister like this. Dayal says I m sorry, you told me its Sakshi’s game behind the puja. I wish I listened to you, but you have to be strong, Payal will be fine. Sakshi asks the servants to feed all the dogs. Durga says how can anyone do this, first Shaurya raped her and Sakshi made her wounds fresh today. Dayal hugs her and says Sakshi and her son are rapists.

Durga says how can she do this being a woman. She says she used someone’s weakness. Sakshi smiles and says street dogs are most poor, I love them, so I want to share my happiness with them. She thinks she wishes to see Durga’s face now. Dayal says she played the game cleverly, she called us there to temple for puja. Durga says yes, I got trapped in her plan, how could I not understand her plan. She says my Payal became alone again, she needed me and I was not with her. Dayal says Sakshi knows Payal is your weakness and she used it.

Shaurya calls Durga. She throws the phone. Dev comes to meet Durga and comes to know she is not at home. Dev thinks where did they go, farmhouse……….. Shaurya plays video games. Sakshi says I don’t get it, whats fun in this loud and violent video game, let me try. He says its not your cup of tea, leave it. She says I guess so. She asks are you upset that Durga left like that. He says no, she might have gone for social service. She says Durga is your to be wife, don’t joke about her work. He says she will call me if she needs me. She says you support me and go to meet her if she calls you. He loses the game and says you distracted me, mission failed. She says why don’t you try again. I think you will win this time. She smiles and leaves.

Dev comes to Durga and Dayal and asks how is Payal. Sakshi brings Shaurya to meet Payal. He says I know what happened when I faced her last time. She says I know, come, and holds his hand to take him inside the hospital.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. i wish payal should see shaurya again and get her memory back…….
    Then this story will be so interesting……..

    1. sid was right

  2. thsi act may backfire on sashki – hope so she is one nasty human being – she buys everything with money lets hope there is one person that cant be bought what’s this mystery with AKASH?

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