Ek Hasina Thi 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Thakurs coming to the temple. Sakshi greets them. The goons come to farmhouse and calls Sakshi. Sakshi says kidnap Payal after one min, make her afraid that her past comes infront of her. She asks him to use the details and use the recorder. She says don’t touch her, just make her afraid. Durga tells Dayal that she is feeling something bad will happen, she is afraid. Dayal says trust yourself, relax. They come in the puja. Durga sits with Shaurya to do the Maha puja. Sakshi thinks Durga is a smart player, but you youngsters are over confident.

She thinks Durga does not love her, as she doubts him. She sees you are making Payal fine, you have hidden her and why do you want to marry Shaurya, you will go far from Shaurya’s life, I will make your doubt true, when Payal loses her mental balance, and takes Shaurya’s name. You won’t marry Shaurya then.

Payal is with doctor. He asks nurse to give Payal today’s dose and make her rest, she is fine now, and he will decrease the dose. The goons colors their faces and goes inside the farmhouse. The goons play the dhol and disturbs Payal. The nurse asks Payal to be calm. Payal gets scared. The goons come inside. Durga starts feeling nervous and senses bad thing is going to happen. Durga lights the diya. The goons starts breaking things there. Payal is shocked seeing them. The doctor tries to stop them. They break everything around. The doctor says he will call police, and they beat him.

They go to find Payal in other rooms and comes to her. The nurse asks them to leave her, as the girl is a patient and is afraid. They make the nurse go out. They whistle as Shaurya. Payal thinks its Shaurya and is much afraid. Durga’s hand burns and she is tensed. Payal shouts for help. She takes Shaurya’s name. Durga saves the diya. Sakshi thinks how will she save herself and Payal, who is her weakness. She says what she is doing this, she forced her to do this, and Payal showed the way. The FB shows Payal was raped on Durga Visarjan’s night, where she shouted for help and no one heard her voice. The goons create some situation now and make Payal scared.

The goon tell the nurse that we will not touch Payal, let us do what we came here for, shut up and sit here. Sakshi thinks the FB where Payal said the men has red colors on their faces, and it went then they jumped in swimming pool, she knows the whistle which Shaurya blows. Sakshi thinks she gave the goon a tune that Payal can’t bear. The diya blows off. Suchitra asks Durga not to think much, light it again. Durga lights the diya. The goons leave. Payal cries. The nurse wakes up doctor and the servant.

He says where is Payal. He goes to Payal. The havan is complete, the pandit asks Durga to do Maha bhog. The doctor sees Payal is in a state of shock. The goons message Sakshi that the work is over. The doctor’s phone is damaged by goons and runs to find phone booth to call Durga and inform her. He asks a man to lend his phone as he has to make an urgent call. Sakshi says she is peaceful today after the puja is over. The pandit does Shaurya’s tilak. Durga gets a call and she does not take it.

Sakshi says she will do Durga’s tilak and give her Prasad. Durga gets call again. Sakshi thinks take it, this will be my Prasad. Sakshi asks her to answer the call. Durga thinks who is this calling by unknown number. Sakshi asks her to answer it. Durga takes the call. The doctor tells her everything. Durga is shocked and cries. She drops the phone. Sakshi smiles.

Durga and Dayal come to Payal. They are shocked seeing Payal’s state. Durga shouts Sakshi Goenka.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. no way!!!!!!!! Payal lost her memory I think Durga postpone her marriage As she want to take her revenge badly but marriage should be stopped some how and get marry to Dev

  2. If she marry dev r shourya- thats not the matter…. she have to take revenge very cruelly

  3. at this stage, durga has to marry dev,,,,,,,,,so that shaurya gets hurted to a great extent…….also she can take revenge by being Dev’s wife………

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