Ek Hasina Thi 26th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 26th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Hasina Thi 26th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mathur jogging. Dayal keeps an eye on him. Durga calls him and comes to Mathur’s house. She says I m getting in and signs some men. Mathur is shown jogging. The men make the watchman busy and Durga enters the house silently. She looks around. Dayal smiles seeing Mathur and calls Durga. He says Mathur went for second round. Durga is happy seeing some proof at his house and says this proof is sufficient to sink you. She keeps an envelop under the pillow in his bedroom. Dayal gets Durga’s message and smiles. Durga comes out of the house and coughs to sign the men to stop fighting now. Sakshi comes to meet Mathur in the park. He says I feel happy here, I come here since years. Mathur is surprised to see Raj there.

Mathur asks what happened. Raj taunts him and

laughs. Dayal sees them and says Mathur is caught. Durga sees the inspector with Shaurya and smiles. The inspector slaps the servants and go inside to raid in the house. Durga says now it starts Mathur, this is called check and mate. The inspector asks his men to check everywhere. Shaurya looks on. Sakshi tells Mathur that a man can do anything for his ambition. Mathur gets fooled and says he can do anything for name and fame. Raj says you are talking about greed. Mathur says greed is good. Sakshi says then cheating? Mathur thinks. Raj says Sakshi is right. The servant sees Shaurya. Shaurya takes his phone and stops him from calling Mathur.

The police gets the sim card and that envelop in his bedroom. Shaurya checks it and is shocked to see Mathur and Chaudhary’s photos. He gets angry. He reads the letter and says you have fooled us a lot Mathur, I pity you. Sakshi tells Mathur that she came to meet him. Mathur asks why. She says I m waiting for a phone call. Shaurya asks them to keep everything as it was. They rearrange everything in the house. The servant says I will not tell anything. Shaurya smiles and leaves. Durga sees them and smiles. Sakshi gets Shaurya’s call and is shocked. She smiles and signs yes to Raj. Shaurya tells her everything that Mathur is with Chaudhary.

Mathur asks Sakshi was it the same call for what you were waiting. She says yes, I m happy for you. Raj says lets say congrats to Mathur in advance. Sakshi says certainly Rajnath. Raj says congrats. Mathur says thanks but why. Raj says we will not tell now, its a surprise. Mathur says fine. Dayal sees them leaving and asks Durga to leave from there. Durga sees his house name board and thinks about Mathur scolding Payal. She cries. She says Navin Mathur, this name will not be forgotten by this city, today you will see your name being shattered. Durga gets Dayal’s call and says I m leaving. He asks her to leave soon. Mathur comes home and asks Durga what is she doing here. Durga gets tensed.

Durga makes an excuse and says congrats. Mathur asks why. She says I heard you are going to be applauded. Mathur gets happy. She leaves. Mathur reads the newspaper and is happy saying so this is the surprise Sakshi was talking about. Durga comes home and sees the pics of Goenkas. She says Mathur will be ruined by the Goenkas tonight and it will be my first victory.

Mathur comes in the party and says I m all because of Raj and Sakshi. He is very happy. Sakshi pretends to be happy to fool him.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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