Ek Hasina Thi 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dayal asking Durga to think once again. Durga says no, Baba, even Dev has to start counting his time, bye. She leaves. Dev comes for the meeting at the restaurant and talks to Gawtham on phone. He says no its not a date, but a business meeting, so stop joking. Dev sees Durga at the table. He says Durga is already here and don’t know where are others. He says I m sorry Durga for being late. She says the meeting is of 2pm and you came early. He says then why are you here then. She says I was feeling hot outside, so came here in AC. She says his philosophy reminding him of Nitya and him.

She asks Dev what happened, shall we order tea. He says ya sure. He orders tea. Durga says I want you to think I m like you, same likes and dislikes, then Shaurya will be angry seeing them getting close. Shaurya talks to Karan. Karan invites him in party, but Shaurya rejects the offer as he has to go to see Durga. Shaurya comes and tells Sakshi I m also coming for the meeting. She says be away from meetings for few days. She says trust me on this. He gets angry.

Akash comes to them and says the meeting is cancelled, legal expert is stuck in some work. Sakshi says who keeps meeting in restaurant, can’t he respect my time. Akash says Durga arranged it. She says inform Dev please. Akash calls Durga and she says what, oh God, find, no problem. She tells Dev that this meeting won’t happen now. Dev gets a call from Akash. Dev talks to him. Dev says I know that the meeting is cancelled, I m with Durga here at restaurant. Akash tells Sakshi that Dev knows about the meeting being cancelled and he is with Durga now. Sakshi and Shaurya are shocked.

Shaurya gets angry. Sakshi says reschedule the meeting, and at our office. Akash says fine. Shaurya leaves. She asks where did he go. Akash thinks of Durga’s words, as timing is important. He leaves. Sakshi says I think this is nor right, where did Shaurya go, did he go to them. Sakshi thinks Shaurya should not do any foolish thing. Durga says I will leave now Dev. Dev thinks whats the hurry Durga.He thinks about Gawtham’s word to get close to Durga to get Nitya’s diary. He asks her to have lunch with him, as he is hungry and does not like to dine alone. He thinks he has to be her friend to get the diary. She thinks yes, I will be your friend to cheat you. Shaurya is on the way.

Durga agrees. Shaurya gets Sakshi’s call. She asks where are you. He says I m going to meet Karan. She asks him not to spoil things. He says I m driving, will talk later and ends the call. Durga says I don’t let my business meetings personal, but the truth us even I m hungry. Dev smiles and says yes, lets order something. She says so our business meeting turned into date. He looks shocked. She says relax, I mean people here will think this. He says you are not among them who cares what people say, I can know you well now, so lets order.

She orders pizza and he thinks of him liking pizza. He says I don’t believe this, are you reading my mind or do we really have same choice. He talks to her and asks where did she stay in USA. She diverts him by dropping her purse and showing him Nitya’s diary. He thinks about Nitya. He says its with her. She takes it back from him. Dev thinks about it. Durga thinks he is trapped now, you will need it. She says I forgot to inform dad about meeting getting cancelled, I will call him. She goes out to talk.

Dev looks at her purse. Shaurya comes there. Akash keeps an eye on him. Akash messages Durga and informs her that Shaurya is here. Dev tries to take purse while Durga looks on. He takes out the diary and she comes to him. He keeps it back. He says I was actually making place on table. Shaurya comes there and sees them. Durga acts friendly to Dev and holds his hand to see his watch. She smiles making Shaurya jealous. Shaurya fumes.

Rajnath is resting in Raima’s lap. Shuarya calls Raima. He says give phone to dad. She says he is nt here, he might be in office, I m outside for lunch. He says that’s dad’s office, keep give phone to him, its urgent. Rajnath talks to Shaurya and asks how do you I m here. He says your secretary said you went for lunch with Amiar industries, which is opposite of Raima. He asks him ti kick out Dev from cancer research project. Ranjath says I told you have to wait few days. Shaurya says you have to do what I say, I m giving you 24 hours else I will tell mum about your affair with Raima, with photos, videos. No one can stop me. Rajnath says you can’t do this. Shaurya says your time started. Raima asks Rajnath what happened. He gives her phone back and leaves.

Shaurya looks at Durga and Dev smiling. Durga says Shaurya. He meets them casually. Durga says yes, we had meeting and it rescheduled. Shaurya says I had lunch plan here and it cancelled, I came to say hello to you. Durga says I felt bad as it cancelled. She says then Dev said lets make business meeting personal, lunch date and I said ok. Dev smiles. Shaurya looks at them and acts like he does not care, though his heart is burning.

Shaurya and Durga are on the way. She asks her feelings about him. She says we are more than friends, but what. Shaurya says tell me, just say it Durga.

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  1. oww todays epi is so great 😎 dev n durga looking so cute with each other… shaurya ws burning….. :>

  2. Dev is not bad Durga. Dont play with his life pls.

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