Ek Hasina Thi 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Hasina Thi 21st April 2014 Written Update

Durga thinks about Payal’s childhood and when she was thrown away by Sakshi. She looks at the house and thinsk about the past. Durga says Goenka’s does not know that our arrival here will be inauspicious for them. The Goenkas welcome Thakurs. Suchitra greets Dayal. Durga finds Suchitra a good human being. Durga says my dad told me about your charity schools, even I m linked to a NGO. Suchitra asks her to call her aunty. Dayal talks to Raj. They sit for dinner. Shaurya looks at Durga and thinks Durga should agree you and smile.

Suchitra talks to Dayal about the land and gives the proposal of her land. She says I run my school, by my husband’s name, Arnav Goenka, we use only 10%, you can make your hospital there. Dayal and Durga are happy. Dayal says Durga is an important part of this project. Shaurya flirts with Durga. Durga smiles. Dayal asks who will be leading the project. He says I think …… Durga says I know what you are thinking, you are right. She looks on.

Shaurya’s friends make fun of him. Durga lite fire and everyone run out of the office. Shaurya comes to know that his caib caught fire.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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