Ek Hasina Thi 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Shaurya speaking against Payal and repeating the same fake story again. He says we had physical relationship, she wanted to marry me, she was very smart, she accused me of rape. Durga thinks about the court case. Shaurya was happy getting released proven innocent. Durga looks at him. He says this is the prove that I m innocent, what to bring more to show you and your dad. He was so unfair. He gets angry and throws all the papers. Durga thinks about Dayal’s words. Durga says yes, you are right, then its justified for you to be angry, but I can’t go against my dad, he has feelings and he is protective about me. He says fine, go and show him these proof.

She says yes, I will show him, but we will have only professional relation between us, dad wants me to get married, I wish to make him happy if I get married, then how will I clarify this. Shaurya says fine. Knowing I m innocent and I like you a lot, you want to make your dad’s wish true, fine, stay away from me. He says you do what you want and I will do what I feel is right. Durga smiles. Shaurya thinks about Rajnath’s words and says I came here to meet Payal, so I will meet her. Durga gets tensed.

She stops him and he smiles. She says yes, go and meet her, doctor said such shocks can be good for Payal. Shaurya is shocked. Durga says Payal can get fine again, go and meet her. You can meet her often. He gets a call from Karan and acts like its dad. He says urgent meeting, fine I m coming, don’t worry. He leaves. Durga says coward………….. and smiles. She picks up the papers and thinks about everyone. She thinks everyone lied in the court.

Sakshi thinks about Rajnath’s words about the deal and says there is something that I m not seeing, what is it. Raima comes to meet her. Raima says your problem is in past. Sakshi says fine, I will tell the details last time. She writes about Payal, gone mad, her parents dead, Nitya also dead. She asks Raima to explain her. Raima says think about Durga. She says Durga is not related to her, but Babjee and his daughter Divya were the eye witness in the rape case. Sakshi looks on stunned and says yes.

She says how can I forget Divya. She says maybe Durga is her relative and doing this for her. Raima smiles and says I will remind you everything, as we have lunch plan today. Sakshi calls Akash and asks where is Durga. She tells Raima that Durga is with Babjee, will have to cancel lunch, I m sorry, I have to go, I will see you later. She leaves. Durga takes care of Babjee. Sakshi comes to meet Babjee and walks in his ward.

Babjee reads a book and Durga goes in the washroom to wash the soup bowl. He looks for his glasses and they fall. He bends down to pick it. Sakshi enters and is shocked to see him watching things. He sees her reflection in the tiles and stops. She walks to him. He acts like he is blind again. She picks his glasses and looks in his eyes. Durga sees her and hides. He says Durga just see something has fallen. Sakshi doubts on him and sees the book. Durga comes out and greets Sakshi.

Babjee greets Sakshi too. Sakshi asks who was reading the book and whose glasses is this. Durga says its my dad’s, he forgot, I went out, so he was here. Sakshi smiles and says I came to see him. I felt I saw him before somewhere and then I remember I read a news article about him, his daughter Divya was missing. Babjee says yes. Sakshi says Shaurya and Durga tried to help you, so I thought to help you in getting back your daughter.

She says if your daughter is alive, I will bring her in next 48 hours, I promise you, as you get your eyesight, you will see your daughter. She leaves. She thinks if Durga is related to Divya, I will end that relation. She looks at them through the window.

Sakshi calls Raima and says I have found everything. Raima and Rajnath get worried. Sakshi arrives at Raima’s house. Durga is outside watching Sakshi.

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