Ek Hasina Thi 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Ek Hasina Thi 1st May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shaurya being with his friends. Karan joins in late and Shaurya makes fun of him. Karan taunts him and asks him to give the cheque as he lost the bet. Shaurya gives him the cheque. Karan is very happy. Karan says lets celebrate. Shaurya says something started today, I won a new feeling which is very beautiful. He says I started living now. They look at them puzzled. Karan asks tell us in simple words. Shaurya smiles and says guys I m in love with Durga. He says she is my every breath, every heart beat…… Karan says he slipped in love, he became a rat from tiger. Shaurya says are you mad, do you think I will slip in any girl’s love. He laughs and gives him Rs. 5 crores cheque. Karan asks are you serious.

Shaurya says yes, you will double this if I lose the bet, lets extend it, I will propose Durga. Karan says will you marry her. She says this is fool proof way to get her. They ask if you don’t love her, why will you marry her. Shaurya says I will only propose, suhaagraat before marriage. Karan says you could not even impress her, what will you do, the bet is on. All of them join hands. Shaurya says let the game begin. Shaurya leaves. Karan talks to other friends. They think Shaurya will not get Durga.

Durga looks at the microwave. Kaka talks to her. She gets someone’s call and smiles. She says great, do one more work. Raima is at her home happily chatting with some man. The power goes and she calls out Gopal………. She asks what happened. Gopal says only our house’s power went. She says go and call the electrician. An electrician comes. Raima asks him to check. He says it looks like the fuse went. She says hurry up. The power comes. He says I did temporary work, remaining I will do tomorrow. Raima says i will not be at home tomorrow, you come and do the work.

She gets a call and says the power came, I m a big girl now, lets meet tomorrow. The electrician messages Durga that work is over. Durga smiles. He changes the sim and leaves. Dayal eats the cake which Durga made. Durga asks how is it. He says great. She says thanks. She says I caught you having sweets hiding, but I wanted to surprise you with sweets. Durga gets an envelope. Dayal asks what is in it. She opens it and gets a memory card. Dayal asks whats this. She thinks the electrician fixed the camera at Raima’s house. She checks the card on her laptop and sees Raima’s house.

She sees someone coming in Raima’s house. they see Raima talking to some man. She says Jatin can fix cameras at home as he doubts I m having an affair. They see Raima having an affair with Raj. They are shocked. Durga smiles. Dayal says what is all this. Durga says this is old love story between them. Dayal says how did you know this.

Durga says I had a doubt seeing them in our party. She says I heard Raj talking to Raima in award function. She says now we have the proof, Sakshi’s best friend Raima is having an affair with her husband, it will be shocking for Sakshi. She says we can get more secrets from Raima’s house. She says when Sakshi knows about this, what will she go. They can go to any extend, they are creeps. Dayal calms her down. They see Raj and Raima resting in the bed. Raima talks about her husband Jatin. Dayal says Sakshi will be broken seeing this. Durga says we will not tell her now. Dayal says why not, I think we should tell her now.

Durga says no, Sakshi is a smart and intelligent wife and still Raj had an affair with her best friend. Raj is planning and there is a secret behind this, we have to find out. She says now the time has come to meet Raima. The next day, Durga smiles seeing Raima and meets her in the parking lot. Durga says I came here for shopping. She says your dressing sense is very classy, can you give me some tips. She says shall we have coffee. Raima says lets go. Sakshi calls someone whom Mathur fired. He tells her that Mathur always cared about his personal benefits. She says you could have come to me or Raj. She says its not easy to take Mathur’s place. He says I have all his qualities.

Sakshi says fine, prove yourself in one month, you can take Mathur’s place Akash, I m sure you won’t give any reason to complaint seeing what we did with Mathur. Raima talks to Durga at a cafe and says Raj is a very nice guy. She says we are great friends, Sakshi is an icon, we have like soul sisters, we don’t have any secrets. Durga thinks even husband. She says but she does not know one secret of you. Raima gets tensed and thinks about Sakshi and Raj. Raima asks what do you mean. Durga smiles.

Sakshi tells Raj that Durga saved Raima. Shaurya asks for Durga’s every report. Akash agrees.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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