Ek Hasina Thi 18th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hasina Thi 18th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the maid shouting Dev killed Raima and will kill her too. She says she will call police. Dev calls for an ambulance to save Raima. Durga comes to Nitya’s house and sees Dev is nit here. She calls him and he does not take the call. She thinks where did he go, and thinks of his words to meet Raima and get the truth. Dev thinks to inform home, but mum will be worried. He thinks of Nitya’s letter and thinks to call Durga. He calls Durga and tells about Raima being shot. She is shocked knowing it. He tells everything how he came to meet her and found her fallen on the ground. She says she will call Dayal and we will meet in hospital. Dev says fine. Durga rushes.

Sakshi asks the inspector to do as she said. He says yes, you will be glad with my work, Raima’s maid called me to complain, I will inform you. She says why did Mukherjee send this stupid Mandar. Shaurya lights the match stick and thinks about Dev trying to know about Payal’s rape case. He throws the match stick in wine and it catches fire. Shaurya thinks he has to teach a lesson to Dev. Sakshi comes home and Shaurya sees her. He asks from where are you coming. She thinks she can’t tell truth to anyone. She lies to him and says she was thinking being in secret room. They have a talk. She asks him to go and rest now.

Shaurya thinks whats mum thinking, why do I feel you went ahead of plan thinking. Dev asks for the ambulance. The man says it will come in 15 mins. Dev says anything can happen in 15mins, I will bring her myself. He lifts Raima and takes her. The maid says where are you taking her, leave her. She says police will come now, you won’t be saved, leave her. Dev says if I stay here, I can’t save her, I will try my best, send police to hospital. She says someone save her and cries. Dev leaves and the police arrives.

Mandar questions the maid. She says what she saw. She says he took her to Sanjeevni hospital. Raima is taken for operation to remove bullet. Mandar calls Sakshi and says he reached Raima’s house, but Dev took her to hospital, we took maid’s statement. Sakshi says oh God, collect all evidence and take maid to the hospital. I want maid to identify Dev infront of us, shout and tell everyone that Dev murdered Raima. Mandar says Mukherjee told me about you, you are very smart, great. She thinks she should inform at home and not miss the family moment.

She comes to Rajnath and wakes him crying. She asks what happened. She says Raima…….. he asks what happened to her. She is angry on his concern. She says she is been shot. He is shocked and says what. She says police called me. He asks who shot her and where is she. She says Mandar told me, she is taken to hospital. He says don’t worry, I know she is your best friend, I won’t let anything happen to Raima, get ready, we will go.

Durga and Dayal come to hospital and ask dev about Raima. Dev says she is inside. Durga says I will inform at home. Dev says lets see what doctor says, then we will inform. Suchitra is tensed knowing about Raima and does not find Dev and Durga in their room. Kangana says I can’t believe this happened with Raima, how did this happen dad. Sakshi looks on and thinks Rajnath can’t cry infront of me, I m happy seeing this tension on your face, whats wrong with Kangana, that she shared her matter with Kangana, not me, I should find it out.

Shaurya looks at Sakshi and thinks my sixth sense is saying all this is done by mum, but can’t say with surety, I m little confused. Suchitra comes and says Dev and Durga are not in their room. Sakshi thinks she knows about Dev, where did Durga go, I have to find out. Rajnath says I think we should go to hospital now. Suchitra calls Durga. She tells Dev that she has to take the call else she will worry. Suchitra asks where are they. Durga says someone shot Raima. Suchitra says yes, we came to know, so asking you where are you. Durga says we are in hospital. Suchitra says we are coming.

Durga says everyone knows Raima has been shot, they are coming here, Mandar told Sakshi and she said everyone. Dev says maid thinks I shot Raima, how will I make mum believe me, she will be worried. Durga says no, she will read truth in your eyes. Dayal asks what did doctor say. Dev says nothing. The doctor comes and says Dev got her here in time, we saved her. Durga says thank God she is fine. The doctor says we saved her, but she is in weak state, she is critical, blood loss was much, I m trying my best.

Sakshi acts and says she wants to meet Raima. Durga says Raima is alive. Sakshi says what and is shocked. Durga thinks why is Sakshi not happy. Rajnath says thank God. Dayal says Dev got her in time. Sakshi thinks why did Dev bring her here. Rajnath thanks Dev and asks why did he go to Raima’s house at night. Sakshi asks the same question. The maid comes saying he is the one who killed Raima, and points at Dev. Everyone is shocked.

Dev says she is lying, I did not do this, trust me. Mandar asks what can I do if witness is pointing on uyou. Sakshi thinks he should not see at me. Shaurya notices this. Mandar shows Raima’s mobile that has 7 missed calls and he is last one who met her.

Dev asks Mandar to check what he wants. Mandar checks his car. Mandar puts something and makes Dev culprit. Sakshi smiles and Durga looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hope Raima gets up soon!!!

  2. DEV may get out of it easily bcoz of his quick thinking ,getting raima to hospital in time

  3. i ll say jst one thing-“they have pretty bad shooters” ……..lol

  4. no ways i dont want dev in the jail wish so durga saves him

  5. now sakshi needs to be in jail.. raima get well soon and save dev

    1. sry. but that wouldn’t eva happen. its a fuqin hindi serial!

      sry 4 breaking ya heart..
      the truth hurts.


  6. Wow NYC episode…….but can’t watch bcoz of Humsafar, it’s awesome show…..And Fawad khan so cute:-p

  7. La Belle Broken N'gel

    Please don’t let Sakshi meet Raima, otherwise Sakshi will kill Raima…,, and will blame on Dev.

  8. Vatsal seth wer r u

  9. No…i cant see Dev in jail Durga plz do somethng and save Dev

  10. Tension tension but whenever sakshi does something nasty durga counter attacks and saves the day let sakshi go to jail this time please the fans of the show will love it

  11. Nice serial

  12. If anything happens to dev that means this is the season for evil gets over the good.
    I hate this

    1. I agree
      If anything happens to dev there is no point to doubt on this festival

    2. Even I agree
      Diwaali plz save dev from sakshi.

  13. Make Raima be ok.otherwise dev will go to jail.i want to see sakshi become sad.its really lovely to see sakshi in emotional scenes.stupid maid.durga save dev.waiting for next epi.

  14. I think Durga will pretend Dev was with her and be his alibi (hope so) in the meantime we need Raima to wake up and speak up !!

  15. it all happing because of Durga she doesnt have mind and her thinking is that she is smart but in actual in front of sakhsi she is overconfident. good i like running episodes

    1. I don’t agree with u…..in fact durga saved dev by giving that letter..Hope raima gets well….fingers crossed

  16. Well!! The fact is that the maid has seen Dev in the crime scene with his hand drenched in blood. He didnt have the gun/neither the maid saw him shoot Then how come the gun ended in his car? These kind of logic will take some time to appear in the serial to prove Dev is innocent.

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