Ek Hasina Thi 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hasina Thi 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shaurya saying its time for celebration as they have go to have food now. Sakshi starts taunting Raima and makes her angry. Raima says stop it Sakshi, I helped you by making Payal…………. Everyone is shocked. Rajnath says leave it now, lets have a nice time. Sakshi says I think you are drunk Raima. Raima says I m not drunk, I know what I m talking. Dev talks to Raima and asks her what about Payal. Raima says she is having head ache and wish to go home. Rajnath says I will drop her home. Sakshi asks Durga to take Dev to his room. Dev stops Rajnath and says he has to talk to Raima. Rajnath says no, she is not in a state, let her go. Dev says she will say the truth, please excuse me. He asks Raima about Payal, the night when Payal was raped. Shaurya gets angry.

Sakshi asks Suchitra to stop Dev, else this can be the headlines. Dev asks Suchitra not to come in this. Durga thinks why is Dev coming in this matter, she wants to keep her away. Dev asks Raima again. Durga stops Dev. Dev says you take care and protect Payal, and stopping me from asking this imp question. He says he won’t let Raima go without saying the truth. Rajnath says let me handle this and asks Dev to stop it. Shaurya says dad, Dev won’t listen like this. Rajnath says enough, and asks Suchitra to see Dev. The giests come there and Rajnath asks Raima to come. Dev says I won’t let you go and asks about that night. He says I will get the truth from Raima in 24 hours and not leave Shaurya. He leaves.

The guest asks any problem. Durga says it was family matter, its solved. Sakshi thinks Raima’s stupidity had made Dev go against Shaurya, I won’t bear you now, I will end your chapter today and it can hurt two people. Dev says Nitya will know this, why did she not write about Raima. He checks the diary. He thins maybe it was in torn papers, what was Raima saying. Suchitra comes and asks whats all this. Dev says Raima was saying something, when I was in US, Payal and her family got ruined, I could not help them as you made me promise I can’t come here.

He says its clear Raima met them after the rape and they did this to clear the evidence. Suchitra says enough, I know you love Nitya and care for Payal, but this is not fair to accuse your family members. Dev says if this happened with anyone, I would have reacted the same, you know I can’t bear wrong thing, its about Nitya’s family. She says Payal said in court that Shaurya is innocent. He says yes, they made her say it, money and power can buy evidence and our family has this two things, but I m also part of this family, I will find out the truth from Raima.

Durga tells Dayal that she tried to keep Dev away from this matter, I called Raima for making Sakshi jealous, but Dev got after her. He says this can be dangerous for him. She says yes, everyone will try to make him quiet, they can do anything. He says we have to stop Dev. She says how to stop him and gets an idea. She says I know how can we stop him. He says I know what you are thinking. Shaurya says there is one thing to stop this, we should kill Dev, I will call Elena, sharp shooter and get him killed. She says shut up, I will handle him. He says why did you invite Raima. She says what was the need to get sweet. He says nonsense, I did not know she will speak against me.

Rajnath scolds Raima for bringing Payal’s rape case in between, Dev knows we have hidden the truth, he is waiting for the truth, the day he gets the proof, he will finish us, he is 50% owner of Goenka empire, he will sell all shares and ruin us. Raima cries and says stop it Raj, you always scold me, you can’t see how Sakshi taunted me, you love me, why did you slap her. He says are you mad, how could I slap her in the party. She says yes, she is Mrs. Goenka, she argued with me. Rajnath says I will handle this, I have a plan. She says wow, so we don’t need to be afraid of Sakshi, I m really sorry to say about Payal, but I m happy that I was not quiet infront of her, I made her shut her mouth, tell me when will this end.

She says I want the exact date. He says ok, give me two weeks time, Sakshi will go away from our lives, I promise, but you have to go to London for two weeks, please. I will come to you and marry you, trust me. Sakshi calls him and Raims gets angry. Sakshi talks to Rajnath and says I also feel Raima should go out of city for some time, she is behaving so immaturely, though she is my best friend and could not understand my sense of humor. She says she will talk to Raima, but we have big problems to deal with. She asks him how will he deal with Dev. Rajnath says he has thought about it, Dev and Suchitra has to go back to US.

He drinks a lot. She says if Dev does not agree then. He says he knows to make him agree, either by love or by his way. Sakshi asks him to sleep as he is tired and need rest, he has to talk to Suchitra tomorrow. Rajnath sleeps. Sakshi thinks Dev always came in use to me, Dev gave me idea to deal with Rajnath and Raima, thanks Dev.

Sakshi slaps Raima. Raima is shocked seeing her. Sakshi aims gun at her and says good bye Raima. Raima is tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow iam the first to coment n coming to todays epi it was superb but precap was good and weird and again sakshi dont say it was also sence of humor and dont send dev and suchitra to us if they goes durga also must go and it makes a prob

  2. sakshi cant be so coward to kill raima so easily.. she will have to face all the problem cuz she puts everyone in trouble!?

    1. your comment doesn’t make any sense. Bad people get rid of the people that are causing them trouble. The word “coward” doesn’t make any sense in this context. What makes sense is to keep Raima alive so that there will be a lot more drama. And that is for the writers to do that. You thinking about Sakshi’s character and adding the word “coward” doesn’t make any sense.

      1. what the hell u always want to prove? whatever what ever may happen u always blame others!!!!!!!!!!! stop this attitude

  3. good job Raima.
    may Sakshi ruin as soon as possible.
    i hate you sakshi Goenka :@

  4. sakshi wore gloves while pointing gun to raima and she throws murder case on dev to stop him. please durga do something . waiting for next episode . thanks amena for update

  5. sakhi is something i mean she will do anything to get wat she wants. this episode was great cant wait to see wat will happen to raima

  6. i am sorry for my attitude

  7. realy very nice and awesome story good job

  8. f**king drama

  9. Awww Dev…

  10. I don’t understand why durga is not telling everything to dev…..tjis might help both of them

  11. This serial is really thrilling

  12. Is there no limit to the length Sakshi will go to to protect Shaurya ? Can’t wait for her to get what she deserves !!

  13. Dev will die and Sakshi will not kill raima because kagana will save her

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