Ek Hasina Thi 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Suchitra saying the pandit that Shaurya and Durga like each other. He says but kundlis should be matched. He asks Durga her birthdate. Durga tells him the details. Sakshi asks him to say is everything fine, she wants to do the marriage grand, I hope you give me time to prepare. He looks tensed. Sakshi asks what happened. The pandit says you should have matched kundlis before engagement. Raima asks why, what happened. Rajnath also asks. The pandit says we can’t talk infront of everyone. Durga says everyone is ours, tell me what is it. The pandit says your kundli has problem, that Shaurya will die within one month of your marriage. Everyone is shocked.

Dayal says what nonsense, I did not hear such stupid thing in my life. Rajnath asks what is this nonsense. Shaurya gets angry. The pandit says he is sure about this. He says Durga’s stars are bad and everyone linked to her will be in danger. Raima says that’s true. Rajnath looks at her. Raima says I m sorry, but Dev met with an accident and then attempt to murder, then Shaurya did suicide attempt, they both worked with Durga. Shaurya says its stupid, they are not connected to Durga, I don’t believe this.

Sakshi scolds him and defends the pandit. She says I m shocked, Durga don’t worry, I m with you. She asks pandit to take the mahurat and this marriage will happen. The pandit says its dangerous, think again. Sakshi says I m ready to take risk, Shaurya and Durga love each other and their happiness is important to me, I can’t be afraid of future. She thinks Durga to say what she wants to hear. Durga says no, I can’t marry Shaurya after hearing this. If he has some problem because of me, I can’t bear it, its about his life, and I can’t do this to him.

Kangana asks Durga not to believe this, mum matched kundlis for formality. Shaurya says exactly. Durga says if anything happens to Shaurya, who will be responsible, I love Sakshi loves Shaurya, and even then she accepted her, but she can’t risk Shaurya’s life. Shaurya thinks he was not going to marry her. Durga says I love him too much. She says I know Shaurya is your strength and weakness, but I can’t play wuth your emotions. Shaurya asks Durga not to get emotional, all this is nonsense, nothing will happen to him. Durga says I want to spend my life with you, but can’t risk your life. She says I m breaking our engagement. Everyone is shocked.

Durga cries and says I love you Shaurya, I have to go now, take care. She leaves with Dayal. Sakshi is happy. Rajnath sees Sakshi and the pandit signing to each other and understands she did all this intentionally. The pandit leaves. Shaurya fumes and leaves. Dev thinks why is everything with Durga complicated. Shaurya asks Kangana to leave him alone. Sakshi comes to him and says its someone;s belief what you are saying nonsense and its about your life and death.

She asks Kangana to leave them alone. Kangana leaves. Shaurya says its superstition, nothing will happen to me. Sakshi says I said yes after everything, you know your life is important to me, but I did not back out and I supported you, and you are doubting on my intentions. She says you have to respect this decision. She says you are lucky Shaurya, as Durga loves you and does not want to take any chance about your life. She reminds him that pandit gave him a perfect character certificate knowing he was involved in the rape. She says his life matters to her a lot.

Shaurya thinks she is behind this, maybe she has given money to him for doing this drama. He thinks he won’t be quiet, he knows she did this. Sakshi and Shaurya fool each other by their words. Sakshi asks him to go to Europe or US for a holiday. Shaurya smiles. Suchitra talks to Dev about Durga’s kundli problem. Dev says he wants to concentrate on work. She says I think we should take a second opinion, Shaurya and Durga like each other, this relation should not break, I think I should talk to Sakshi. She leaves.

Dev says he can’t understand Durga, she got engaged to Shaurya and broke it, is Nitya behind this, she might have read her diary, does Durga know where is Nitya, her truth can make me reach Durga, and Payal is the connection between them. Durga and Dayal come home and talk about Sakshi’s plan. Durga tells him that this pandit was the one who spoke against Payal and ion the court. He insulted Nitya, she was weak but I m strong. Durga says now I will make a Goenka go against them, that too in one day. She says 11 missed calls from Shaurya, you can see how much Shaurya is desperate, I will just sign him and he will do my work. This time, Goenka’s son will target the Goenkas.

Durga acts sweet to Shaurya. Shaurya says let me handle this, don’t worry. Durga says work is done dad, Shaurya will not leave the pandit for me.

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  1. Durga gr8 job 😀 awsme plan 🙂 looking forward to see whts ur other plans will be 😉 nw goenka will attack on goenka 😀 interesting….. 😎

    1. wow durga grt job…let da cats fight nd let da monkey take da bread…wat a policy…wow..all da characters are using each oder be it shaurya,sakhsi rajnath,aakash evry1…hats off durga to ur excellent game plan n ur suddn moves

  2. Awesome plan by durga!!!!!!

  3. This show is moving faaaaaar too slowly now! It was brilliant and full of suspense when it started, now it has slowed down and the twists are not as exciting anymore.

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