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The Episode starts with Durga talking to Dev. He asks her did she give earrings to Nitya. She says not yet, but I will give. She tells him about Rajnat asking about share selling. He says I request you not to try to become my wife, our marriage is a deal, don’t ask me anything. He thinks Rajnath will ask me about this, once I get proof, only I will have right to question him. He should not know about the deal with Agnihotri. Kangana thinks about Karan’s words and cries. Raima sees her in café and asks why is she crying, is everything ok. Kangana says everything is fine. Raima asks who is that guy, who has hurt you, tell me.

Rajnath thinks about the deal with Agnihotri and how Dev is trying to get the evidence now. He gets angry and calls Agnihotri. He asks by which number are you calling me. Rajnath laughs and says he called him to say his money is ready. If you are getting money today, do you have any problem. Agnihotri says he is ready to meet him. Rajnath gives him address and ends the call. He fumes in anger. Raima brings Kangana home and gives her coffee. She says she won’t tell to Sakshi. Kangana says its Karan. Raima is shocked and asks since when is this going on. Kangana says from past two years, but now he broke up with me.

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She says maybe he is cheating you, it needs guts to do this with Goenka’s girl. She says Karan said he don’t care and its his final decision. Raima says you are like your mum, egoistic and dominating, maybe he does not like this. Kangana says he should have told me, I could have changed for him. She cries. Raima is shocked seeing Sakshi there. Sakshi thinks about the video and is angry. Sakshi asks Kangana what is she doing here. Kangana signs no to Raima. Raima smiles. Sakshi asks Kangana why is she crying. Raima says she went to club to shop for her holiday and she met Kangana there, and they came home.

Sakshi says how wonderful to see you bonding with my daughter. Raima says Kangana is upset with Dev and Durga’s marriage. Kangana says yes, I got emotional thinking about Shaurya. Raima says she got relieved of her burden. Sakshi says yes, I m so happy. Sometimes I feel you are my perfect duplicate. You take care of my family members. She hugs Raima. Durga sees Dev seeing Nitya’s video. He smiles seeing Nitya and Payal’s speech after getting graduated and having a laugh with each other.

Durga laughs seeing it and shocks Dev. He removes the CD and says he recorded few moments of him, Nitya and Payal. I want to show this video to Payal, she will react seeing this. She says you can show this CD to her, I know I overreacted that day, I m oversensitive and over possessive about her, but I know our aim is same. He says yes, still you and your dad are playing this game with me, inform doctor that I m coming. She asks can he do a small favor. He says yes. She asks why did you need so much money, share your problem with me. He says I don’t need your help, I don’t need to tell you about money, don’t try to become my friend or wife. He leaves. Durga says how to understand you Dev, what are you planning and why. She sees the time and says why did Sakshi did not come from Jatin, I want to see her reaction to know my plan is working or not.

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Sakshi and Kangana are on the way. She asks Kangana what shopping she did and where are the shopping bags. Kangana says she did not like anything. Sakshi asks does she not want to tell her anything. Kangana says why do you always feel this. Sakshi says as this happened before. Kangana says why are you so dominating, everyone thinks I m like you, why are you not like Raima, she is so cool, I m sorry mum, lets talk later. Sakshi thinks she will settle scores with Raima, first my husband and now my daughter. She thinks she will find out why is Kangana stressed, first she will tackle Rajnath and Raima.

They come home. Durga sees them and greets Sakshi. Durga taunts Sakshi. Sakshi says I choose my friend and enemies, we are not friends to share anything with you. Durga says about friends becoming enemies, then its time to worry. She says you are right, you should choose friend wisely. She says you look very upset and failed today. Sakshi asks for Rajnath. The servant says he went out. She says when he comes back, ask him to meet me. She goes to her room. Durga thinks she saw the video, its good.

Suchitra asks Sakshi to advice her as its Karwachauth tomorrow and she wants to keep the event. Sakshi says she did not ever keep it as she does not believe this and she can’t keep it as her husband is dead. Suchitra says I m not talking about us, I m saying about Durga and Dev. I think she should keep it. Sakshi says yes we will celebrate it well, its her first Karwachauth in this house. Suchitra thanks her and says she will talk to Durga. Rajnath comes home and servant tells him that Sakshi wants to meet him in her room. He says fine and goes to room. Durga looks on and smiles.

He comes to her and says Sakshi……. What are you doing, why are you packing bag. She thinks about the video of his affair and says the question is what are you doing Rajnath Goenka. He says what am I doing. She says you have been cheating on me, you have cheated me.Rajnath is shocked.

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