Ek Hasina Thi 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Durga talking to Dayal about Sagarika. Dayal says when I see you, I feel proud of you, you deserve to be my daughter. She says but I m Nitya, I die when I see Payal. I have to get Ganguly punished else he will target more girls. He will find another Nandini if he is not stopped, he should not be saved. Dev comes to Suchitra and talks to her. She shows him a school project file and says I want to start this, read it when you get time. I want you to manage it. He asks why, are you trying to distract me so that I don’t find Nitya and Payal. She asks will you or not.

Dev says I never said no to you, I wanted to contact Nitya and come back here, but you stopped me. The flashback scenes shows Rajnath calling Suchitra and asking her not to come back as he said its my business rival’s plan to use Payal and blame Shaurya, we will win as we are true. He asks her not to bring Dev as Dev is close to Payal and Nitya, he is innocent, let him study and don’t disturb him, I have to think about him, we should be together and stand united. If you want to come, you can, to console Shaurya. Suchitra says we are with you and I can’t believe why this happened.

Rajnath says greed is bad. Suchitra then stopped Dev. Dev says I did not come back because of you, and became an architect to fulfill my dad’s dream, why do you want to stop me now. Suchitra says your dad wanted you to take our school to heights. Dev says I m sorry, I understand. He says I will involve in the school matter. She says I m proud of you. Shaurya comes to them and smiles. He brings a suit for Dev for Ganguly’s anniversary party. Suchitra says that’s so sweet of you, have a talk, I will just come. She leaves.

Dev thanks Shaurya. Shaurya asks why did you meet Durga. Dev says yes, it was important to meet her, but she could not help me, maybe you can help me. Shaurya looks on. Dev asks him did you meet Payal in her hospital, you did not tell me. Shaurya asks should I tell you, I just bumped into her, and what happened because of her, after all that, I don’t care about her. Dev says Nitya and Payal were my good friends, I can’t believe they did this, I want to know their side of story. Shaurya says the truth is that the world believes.

Shaurya says stay away from Durga, as I really like her, I don’t want there to be competition between brothers, I made this suit for you. He leaves. Dev says if you were saying the truth, I would have believed you, but I know you are lying. Sagarika is upset. Her mum comes to her and asks why are you tensed. Durga looks on at the video. Ganguly comes home and says its my 25th marriage anniversary, I have the world’s best wife. Sagarika cries.

Her mum asks why are you crying, tell me what happened. Durga says come on Sagarika, tell her. Sagarika says I want to go from Kolkata. She asks why. Dayal asks Durga whats going on. Durga says I m nervous, Sagarika is about to tell her mum whats her dad’s real face. Dayal gets a call. Sagarika says Papa and cries. She says Papa is having an affair with my friend Nandini since two years, but its not Nandini’s mistake, Papa is exploiting her, she is of my age, my friend, her dad was Papa’s friend, I m not lying, I saw them in the hotel room. Her mum cries.

Sagarika says lets go from here. Her mum says no, we can’t do this. Sagarika asks why, after knowing this. Her mum says yes. She says this happened before too. Sagarika is shocked. Her mum says this is not the first time. Her mum asks her to be quiet and not tell anyone. Sagarika cries. Her mum says your dad won’t change. Sagarika says he can’t hurt you more, I won’t let him do this. She says now I m capable to take care of you, he can’t hurt us now. Her mum says I can’t take this chance for your future and happiness. She asks did you think about Nandini’s future, do you know what the society will see her as, she won’t have any identity, be quiet and hide this truth.

If we expose your dad, we have to pay for it. Sagarika agrees. Durga is shocked seeing her plan fail and says no, this can’t happen. She says Sagarika has to expose Ganguly. She says if this does not happen, then my plan will fail. Sakshi sees Sagarika’s pics and thinks of Raima’s words. She smiles. Sakshi thinks Raima gave a brilliant idea, I can think about Sagarika, she will be perfect for us. She says yes Sagarika, I think you are my problem’s solution.

Durga thinks about Ganguly and Nitya threatened to expose him. Ganguly laughed and says you can’t do anything as I m here because of Goenkas. Durga thinks Nitya was weak, but Durga will ruin you Ganguly. Dayal comes and says I have a good news, Payal slept without any fear yesterday night. He says we did the right thing sending her to the farmhouse. He asks what happened. Durga tells him about Sagarika.

Durga says it’s a big problem. He asks how. She says Sagarika does not want to expose Ganguly now, if she does not do this, then how will I take my revenge. He says you might have plan B. She says no, I don’t have any plan, I wanted Sagarika to expose him in the anniversary party. She says I have to do something now. She calls Akash and talks to him. Dayal smiles. Sakshi calls Rajnath and his phone rings right infront of her. She smiles. Rajnath realizes he forgot his phone and panics.

He asks the driver to take him home. Raima misses Rajnath and thinks to make his morning good by a love message. She messages Rajnath and Sakshi takes the phone. She sees Raima’s name flashing and thinks why will Raima message Raj. She hits the button to read the message and ……. The screen freezes.

Akash tells Durga that someone wants Payal’s court papers, it’s a girl and don’t know for whom she works. Durga sees the girl.

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