Ek Hasina Thi 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sakshi being shocked seeing Rajnath and Raima in the video. She gives money to Jatin and takes the evidence. Suchitra is tired of her school problems. Durga sees her worried and pacifies her. Rajnath comes and sees them. He says good bonding, I love it. He laughs and says he has to invite Dayal for dinner. Suchitra says she will invite him on Karwachauth day. He asks about Dev. Suchitra asks why, what happened. Durga says she will go out. Rajnath says no, you can help us too. He says Dev sold shares worth Rs 13 crores from the company. Suchitra asks why. Rajnath says maybe he needed money, but he did not tell me, its not good if we sell so many shares in market, people started talking.

Suchitra says she is also worried. Rajnath says I will talk to Dev, don’t worry. He asks Durga and Dev to work on cancer research project. She says yes uncle. He says he will meet Dev in office and leaves. Durga thinks why did Dev sell shares, what will he do of Rs 13 crores. Agnihotri sees the Shaurya-Payal rape case proof and says I will get more Rs 15 crores for this. He thinks about Nitya and says its good people used mobile, it changed my fate. Rajnath comes to office to meet Dev and does not see him in his cabin.

He asks the clerk where is Dev. He says he went there. Dev calls Agnihotri as Rajnath Goenka and says money is ready, I will meet you tomorrow, and we will seal the deal. He asks him to give all copies against Shaurya, you will give me tomorrow and I will send you address and time by message. Rajnath hears this and is shocked. He thinks he was talking to advocate Agnohitri, by whom we bought proof, he made copies and Dev is taking it, so he sold the company shares. He says if Dev gets the proof then…. Shaurya and I will reach jail, I have to handle Dev and Sakshi should not know this.

Shaurya comes to Durga and holds her, saying why don’t you agree that you love me. He says girls love me, I m irresistible. Durga says you are disgusting. Shaurya says he won’t apologize. He says what do you think, I loved you or wanted to marry you, no Durga, I wanted to get you, just once. She says Shaurya…………. He says you are like Dev’s trophy for me, I still want it and remember this that till I get you, I will not let you become anyone else’. He says if I did not have paralysis, I would have got you. She asks him to back off and not cross his limit.

Shaurya says you will regret always, as you can’t be away from me, beware of me as I m dangerous. He comes out of his imagination and says what the hell, day dreaming, this is the way to mentally torture Durga, here I come. Suchitra comes and talks to him. He asks her to give lecture again. She says you are like my second son, you have to respect the changed relations. He says I know this and I respect it, but its not easy for me. He says he does not need her fake concern and sympathy, think about Dev and Durga, I will deal with my problems myself. He whistles.

Dev talks to bank manager and asks him to keep his transaction private. The man assures him the same. Dev asks him to keep 13 crores ready for withdrawal. Rajnath comes to Raima’s home and drinks. He gets a call from bank manager, who tells him about Dev withdrawing Rs 2 crores and saying he will get more 13 crores. Rajnath thanks him and is angry. He throws the phone. Raima asks him whats the matter. He puts water on his head. He says everyone wants to ruin me in my house, each one of the,. She asks whats the matter. He says about Dev selling shares to get rape case evidence against us, Agnihotri is selling him the proof, Dev is dealing him by my name. Raima is shocked.

He says Dev knows that he bought the evidence by our power and money. She says how can he go against his family, stop Dev anyhow. He says yes, I have to cancel this deal, I have to stop him. He says I have a plan to stop him. Durga talks to Dayal about Dev selling shares. Dayal says what might be the reason. She says I don’t know, he does not tell me anything, but I hope Shaurya is not behind this. He asks her to talk to Dev taking Nitya’s name support. She says I hope Raima’s trick works. Sakshi is on the way thinking about Rajnath and Raima’s words and their two week holiday.

She cries and wipes her tears. She thinks how dare you Raj and Raima, you made fun of my emotions and planned holiday, don’t worry, I will give you a break and make you cry blood tears, this cheat will be costly for you.

Durga taunts Sakshi. Sakshi says I choose my friend and enemies, we are not friends to share anything with you. Durga says about friends becoming enemies, then its time to worry.

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  1. waiting for tomorrow episode , thanks for update amena

  2. dev is searching so hard for the one who is right in front of him!! 🙁
    oh god..! dev is ignoring durga and searching for nitya! 😮
    shaurya ought to be HANGED TO DEATH!! disgusting people! -.-

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  4. everyone is planning to knock the other one out.. indeed very interesting!

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  7. Awasome show.. shourya awasome actin.. v love to hate u.. sakshi is awasome she is sooo sofesticated and eligent.. everyone is the show r awasome… gr8 going…

  8. Very interesting, we should see how sakshi will tackle this matter

  9. Wat a lie fake shaurya. Anyway u ll surely get worst comments about u. Better don’t c it n get hurt. But have to admit dat u r smart

  10. if dev was truly in love with nitya then they should show some wind blowng towards him and her whenever durga is there for like two minutes just like when he entered the show and other programs used to do this

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