Ek Hasina Thi 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Durga seeing a play against women. Sagarika acts like she is empowering women and supports them. Durga is happy seeing her and thinks about Ganguly. Durga meets her and acts friendly to her. They hangout together. Sagarika says this happened with my maid servant. Durga brings her to a hotel and shows her Ganguly and Nandini together. Sagarika is shocked seeing them. Sagarika calls her dad and he lies to her saying he is somewhere else.

Sagarika messages Nandini and she too lies to her. Sagarika is shocked. Durga looks at her and smiles. Sagarika goes to see them. Durga says I m sorry Sagarika, this should not happen but its important to show you. Sagarika comes home crying. Akash follows her. She thinks about her dad’s lie and is shaken as she saw them going in the hotel room together. She saw Nandini and her dad coming out being closer. Sagarika cries.

Raima comes to meet Sakshi. Raima tells Sakshi about Sagarika Ganguly, as they know Ganguly well, he is ambitious and wants to become Education minister, so Sagarika’s option is really good. Sakshi says that’s good. Sagarika comes to meet Nandini and is angry. Nandini is glad seeing her and asks her to come inside. Sagarika says you lost something, I came to give it. Sagarika gives her earring. Nandini asks where did you get it. Sagarika says in hotel room, I will never come here, our friendship is over. Nandini stops her and says take the answers first.

She says my life got ruined, ask me why I did this. Akash hears them and records it. Nandini tells her when her dad died, it all started. She takes Sagarika with her. Akash thinks how to hear then now. Nandini says I had a big loan after my dad’s death, your dad helped me, as he was dad’s friend and I was his student, when I shared this with him, he made me passed and gave me a job. She says you were proud of your dad that he helped me. Nandini says he has asked me Guru Dakshini which I could have never imagines. The flashback scene shows Ganguly asking Nandini some favors and misbehaving with her.

Sagarika says you could have refused him. Nandini says how, I had to take care of my mum and did not refuse him. Nandini cries. She says I did not let my tears come out, but was ashamed. Sagarika leaves. Shaurya gets dressed. Sakshi comes to him and asks what are you wearing tonight. Shaurya says not ye decided, but deciding about Dev. She asks really, why. He says I m learning from expert to keep enemies closer to us. Sakshi smiles.

Payal makes a drawing. Durga comes to meet her and thanks the doctor for his help. Dayal looks on. Durga is glad and says I hope Payal stays safe here. I brought her infront of Shaurya to make him do something that would help me, and Dev came in between all this, I did not think this. Dayal says don’t worry. Durga gets Akash’s call. He says Sagarika went to meet Nandini and she did not confront her dad. She was upset and crying. Durga asks what will she do now. He says we can’t say, we have to wait and watch. She says fine, and ends the call.

Raima messages Raj and Sakshi gets the messages on his phone and thinks why did she message him. She checks the message.

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