Ek Ghar Banaunga 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 9th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam welcoming Poonam warmly with so much love. Dadi, Kanno, Mangla, Shashikant, Prabhunath, Vandana and Mama welcome Poonam with a smile. Poonam comes home with a bag in which she has the prize money of Rs. 25 lakhs. Mangla is happy that Poonam won. The neighborhood women come to welcome Poonam and praise her. The girls say we want to grow up and become like Poonam. Poonam is really happy. Akash smiles. Dadi says talk to her tomorrow, she is tired, let her rest now, come to meet her tomorrow. Everyone leaves. Poonam steps inside the house happily. Vandana gets emotional and cries. Prabhunath says you have made us win as good parents.

Everyone are happy at home. Mangla brings food for everyone and praises Poonam. Dadi talks to Poonam and says you did very good work there at the ashram. Shashikant also talks to her about her stay at the ashram. Poonam looks at Akash and smiles. Akash is being restless to spend some time with Poonam alone. He tries to go to Poonam, but someone or other come in between. Vandana asks did you miss us. Poonam looks at Akash and says I missed a lot, very much. Poonam also wants to talk to Akash. Shashikant says take rest now. Poonam is happy, but Mama stops her and asks her to spend some time with everyone.

He asks about Parulben. Poonam says she was a nice woman. Everyone have a laugh. Poonam and Akash look at each other. Poonam makes an excuse to leave from the hall, but Mangla stops her and asks her to be with them. Mangla says tell us what happened there. Poonam thinks what to do, how should I go to my room to arrange a surprise for Akash. She acts as if she is feeling sleepy. Dadi sees her and says go and take rest, she is tired. Akash says I will also go to my room. Shashikant stops Akash. Akash is upset. Vandana and Prabhunath smile seeing this. Everyone laughs and pulls Akash’s leg. Shashikant asks Akash to go to his room.

Poonam thinks how will I arrange the surprise infront of Akash. Dadi asks everyone to go to their rooms and rest. Kanno sees the money bag. Mangla sees her staring at the bag. Mangla says don’t worry about this money bag, I will take care of it. Kanno says but… Mangla says good night, clean this mess. Mangla smiles and leaves. Poonam comes to her room and looks around. Akash comes after her and closes the door. He smiles. She says you go and freshen up. He says let me be with my wife. She says go. He says but, why so soon. Mangla comes to Poonam. Akash opens the door and asks what happened.

Mangla says I came to give this money bag, you are careless, you forgot this bag in the hall. Akash takes it and says sorry as he was in hurry. Mangla says keep this safe. He says mum……… Mangla smiles looking at them and leaves. Poonam says go Akash and gives him his clothes. Akash goes to the washroom. Shashikant tells Mangla that Poonam’s victory has made him proud and happy. Mangla says you are right, I was thinking that we should buy a good gift. He says what gift for Poonam. Mangla is shocked and says I was thinking about her parent’s gift. He says what, for them, why. She says Poonam’s prize money will save their house, then they won’t be with us in this house, so I want to gift them when they leave from here.

he says so you are happy that they will leave, your wish is becoming true so you are gifting them, don’t hide anything, I know you since many years, I know your deeds. He laughs and drinks wine. Akash comes from the washroom and sees the room decorated with candles and flowers. He looks at Poonam. She writes I love you with flowers. She smiles looking at him. They come to each other. Music plays……………… They have an long eyelock. She says when I told you I love you for the first time, it was from my heart but from that day I was not me, I was yours and fully colored in your love. The distance has made my love strong, I love you Akash, I love you a lot.

She gives him some roses. He holds her hands and looks at her. Air blows…………… The candles blow off. It gets somewhat dark. They get closer. Sanson ko sanson me dhalne do zara………………. plays……………… He touches her face and she runs being shy. She lights the candles again. Akash helps her and they light the I Love you again. He kisses her hand and she feels his love. He holds her and she looks down. They have a romantic hug. They caress each other with love in their lovely hug and its morning…………….

Kanno brings tea for Mangla. Mangla asks why are you here. Kanno says I brought tea for you. Kanno says I came to make your day sweet, but you don’t trust me. She says what did you think, I want some jewellery, even you want to make some, we will need money. Mangla scolds her and says you are thinking about your share, go, I will still thinking. Kanno says fine, it will be good, I trust your mind. Kanno smiles and leaves happily. Mangla looks on. Kanno says Mangla is clever, she won’t let the money go from her hands.

Poonam hands over the money to Mangla and says you will decide about it. Akash looks on. Poonam smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

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