Ek Ghar Banaunga 9th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 9th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 9th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mangla and Mama having a laugh. Kanno comes to them and apologizes to her for not understanding her. Mangla forgives her saying I have a big heart. Kanno says lets shake our hands, I m with you from now on, I will never leave you and will always support you. Mangla says I won’t shake hands as I m your mum in law and I can only bless you so that you succeed in whatever you do. Kanno thanks her and says now that will happen which you want. Mangla smiles and says fine. Kanno leaves. Mama says now Kanno is with us. Mangla says I don’t want to make any mistake, if Kanno gets caught, I will say I m not with her. She says my rules say do what I want but never get caught.

Mama laughs. The next morning, Akash is getting ready. He gets a call fro someone.

Poonam sees that Akash is not taking the call and says your phone is ringing, why don’t you go to office. Akash says Poonam, how can I leave you in this state. He says you did not had breakfast also, I won’t go to office. He says you are my wife, I can’t leave you like this. Poonam says what should I do, I m unable to remove all that things, how can I forget that we have such a big problem. She says how can we get the home back stopping the auction. She says I have to do something, else my parents will lose their self respect. Akash says don’t worry, we will take out some way. He says now you go to your parents, they need you. Poonam leaves. Akash looks on.

Mangla and Kanno watch television in the hall after finishing their work. Mangla says its good, now I can see the pravachan daily. Kanno is annoyed. Ponam comes there with her parents and asks them to sit in the hall. Kanno gets angry on them and stops the servant from giving food to Poonam’s parents. Poonam is shocked. Prabhunath and Vandana are embarrassed. Dadi comes there and talks to Prabhunath. Kanno says every year we sent the blankets to the ashram, is it necessary. Dadi says yes, it reaches the poor.

Kanno says this time, we will send 30 blankets as even we have some poor people in this house too. She taunts Poonam’s parents. Poonam is shocked and says Bhabhi, is this the way to talk to my parents. Dadi scolds Kanno for saying so. Mangla smiles seeing all this. Dadi asks Vandana to sit till the breakfast is ready. Kanno taunts them saying they are getting free food. Poonam gets angry. Akash says they are not eating food for your mum’s house, talk to them well. Mangla says can’t I get some peace in this house, is this a veg market. Kanno says I forgot that we can’t call a thief, a thief. She says we can call poor, poor. Poonam says enough, I can’t see my parents get insulted like this, no one has the right to insult them.

Poonam says I will make them go to their own house and I will take them with respect there and till I do this, I won’t have food. Akash is shocked. Everyone are stunned and look at Poonam. Poonam says this is my promise to you. Mangla says Poonam, you can’t do this. Poonam says please help me, support me. Mangla says what are you saying, you are our bahu, if you don’t eat food, how can I support you. Vandana says Poonam this is wrong, don’t do this. Poonam says no, I will not touch food till I fulfill my promise.

Poonam requests Mangla to understand her and says sorry of you felt bad of my words. She says I promise that till my parent’s problem is solved, I will not touch food. Kanno smiles. Everyone are shocked.

Akash talks to Poonam and says its not easy, if you don’t eat food, even your parents and I won’t have food. He says I will take care of everything. She says no, its my responsibility to take care of this problem. She says they are my parents and its my duty to do anything for them. Prabhunath and Vandana come to Poonam and talks to her. Prabhunath says forgive me. Poonam says no, its not your mistake. She says don’t cry. She says you have lived your whole life with pride, and you will live like that only, I decided that I will make everything well, I will bring back your lost pride and respect.

She asks Akash to take her to Lucknow daily itself so that she can meet the bank manager and talk to him about the problem. Akash is shocked. He agrees, Kanno is giving a head massage to Mangla. Mangla likes it and they talk about what Kanno did with Poonam’s parents. Mangla says you should have not told that way. Mama comes and says Poonam and Akash are going to Lucknow. Mangla asks why. Mama says she is going to meet the bank manager. Kanno says its good, the problem will me solved now. Kanno praises herself and smiles.

Mangla says its not like this, maybe they are going bank to get the money. She says I don’t think they will get the money,they will come to me for money and I will help them as I can’t say no to them. She says from where will I get lakhs of rs. She says I have some jewellery but I think I will have to sell our land also. Kanno is angry. Mangla asks Mama to see some buyer for the land. Kanno says I will not let them take any single rs. Kanno says I will kill then if they take our money. Mangla and Mama laughs.

Poonam meets the bank manager. He insults Poonam. Poonam tries to talk to him and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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