Ek Ghar Banaunga 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 8th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mangla saying everyone that she won’t let anyone insult her guests. She adds that she has to explain Kanno and tell her that she should live here with love and respect others. But I can’t do this alone, she will take me wrong, Poonam should support me in this. Poonam is puzzled. Prabhunath comes to the hotel and says Akash has sent me here. The hotel owner says I m glad to hire you for the post of Manager, but my old manager came back, I could not tell him no, we don’t have the vacancy now. Prabhunath says its fine, you don’t worry. Kanno is having headache and her husband comes to her and gives medicines so that she can cool down. Kanno says the medicines won’t work till Poonam is here in this house. Rani comes and says Mangla is calling you. Kanno

says tell her I won’t come. Her husband says you should go, else it will be another issue. Kanno says if I go, Mangla will start about the saree again. He says you go and see, the matter can be something else. Kanno goes to Mangla.

Her husband stops Rani and flirts with her. Rani fools him and asks him to bring cosmetics for her. He says I will bring it for you. She gives him a list of things. Prabhunath meets the old manager and they have a talk. Prabhunath says I will leave you. He says are you annoyed with me. He says you did not get the work as I came back. Prabhunath says you have the right on the work. He insists and asks Prabhunath to come for tea.

Kanno comes to Mangla and asks her why did she call her. Mangla looks at her and says we all want us to be happy, if you want the same, its good, Poonam also wishes the same, let her stay here in peace, don’t hurt her. Kanno says Poonam is closer to you now, right, I m your bahu but you don’t treat me like yours. Mangla says I wanted to be a good mum-in-law but what to do. Poonam is a guest bahu for us, Kanno taunts Poonam. Kanno tells that she took the responsibility of the house. Kanno challenges Poonam to become a bahu for one day and do the duties. Mangla asks Poonam will you able to take this responsibility. Dadi says enough, you are exaggerating the matter. Mangla agrees with Kanno and asks Dadi to decide whether Poonam is good enough to become a good bahu. Poonam is shocked. Akash and everyone looks at her. Poonam says yes, I can. Kanno is shocked. Mangla is happy.

Poonam says as you all say, Prathna smiles. Kanno says we will know, this is not an easy work. Mangla says ok, Poonam tomorrow you will hold this household, and you will make decisions. We will do what you say. Kanno says is she the owner of the house. Mangla says no more arguments. She asks Poonam is there any problem. Poonam says no, I don’t have any problem. Kanno overreacts and says you don’t even know how to wear a saree, and you want to take the responsibility, lets see how she does the work. Mangla takes Poonam’s side. Prabhunath talks with the old manager, he explains him his work. Prabhunath thanks him for giving him work. The old manager is taking revenge from Prabhunath. He says he will work under him.

Poonam thinks about the responsibility Mangla gave her. Akash comes to her and shows his trust on her. He says what his Dadi said him about being a good bahu. He says you used to do this being a daughter in Lucknow, and now you have to do it as a bahu. Kanno is angry on Poonam and thinks what will Poonam do. Kanno plans of failing Poonam. Akash tells Poonam if you think this is difficult, take this like an exam, in which you have to pass. Poonam says I will try my best, because this tension if because of me. Akash says everyone knows Kanno’s nature, its nothing new, you forget all this and focus on tomorrow’s challenge. He says I trust you and you will win. Kanno says tomorrow is my day. Her husband comes and brings the items for Rani, he hides those things seeing Kanno. She tells him what all happened in the meeting. He sees Rani going and fools Kanno.

Kanno invites her friends. Mangla hears this and asks whats this act, why did you call your friends today. Kanno says I asked Poonam and she permitted me..

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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