Ek Ghar Banaunga 7th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 7th June 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 7th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Deepak asking Prabhunath to arrange money else let the house go to the bank. Prabhunath thinks about the bank manager’s words, and he feels pain in his heart. Deepak says hello papa, are you there, why are you not talking, but Prabhunath is not holding the phone. He falls from the roof, and Akash sees him and asks Chandru to bring a vehicle so that they can take him to the nearby hospital. They go in a tempo, and reach the hospital. Vandana, Poonam and Kiran also come to the hospital. They ask for Prabhunath and come to him. He says Vandana ji, don’t worry, I m fine. The doctor asks how are you feeling now, he says I m fine. The doctor says he had a minor heart attack, but now he is fine. You need to take his special care and keep him away from tension. Poonam thanks the doctor, he says thank Akash who brought him soon to the hospital.

Poonam goes out to thank Akash. Poonam gets a call from Gawtham, he asks what happened, did you reach hospital. He asks how is papa, Poonam says he is out of danger. Gawtham says I will try to come soon and tell my parents to come there. She says you do your work, and come later. He asks her to keep him updated. Poonam says I want to talk to you. Gawtham says tell me. She says we are going to get married in few days, can we postpone our marriage till my papa gets well. Gawtham says yes, I will tell my dad. She thanks him. Gawtham says no need to thank, your problem is my problem, he asks her to take care. Poonam goes to Akash, and asks how much money you gave. He says leave it, Sir ji must be well. She says doctor said he is out of danger, all thanks to you. She asks about money, as she went for shopping, and she has money. He says ok you give, lets go in. She says take the money. Akash says whats the hurry to repay the money. He takes the money and she thanks him.

Poonam sits there and cries. Akash sees her crying and tries to stop her. He says don’t cry, he will be fine. She says you saved him, else what would have happened, I will never forget your good deed. He says don’t say like this, we have a humanity relation between us. Gawtham’s parents come, his mum ask what to do of the marriage date. His dad makes some plan. They call Neel, and talk to him. They come and see Poonam with Akash. His dad thinks why Akash is always around. The nurse takes Akash asking him to bring medicines. Gawtham’s dad asks Prabhunath what happened, suddenly. Vandana says he is fine now. He asks the reason for his condition. Gawtham’s mum cries. His dad says not to cry infront of him. He says we have to dance in the marriage. Neel comes there, getting hurt. His dad thinks Neel is doing good acting. He asks Neel what happened. Neel asks him to come out. They all pretend and cook up a story. Neel says some goons have beaten him. Neel says it all happened when we were postponing the marriage. Poonam listens all this.

Gawtham’s dad becomes violent and acts like he will go and beat the goons. Prabhunath gets more tensed and tries to stop him. Vandana calls Gawtham’s dad saying Prabhunath wants to talk to him. Prabhunath says why are you postponing the marriage date. Gawtham’s dad says Gawtham called and told maybe because you are unwell. He says first you become well, then we will think about the marriage date. The nurse calls Poonam, and she goes out. Akash is arguing with the hospital staff. Poonam says what are you doing, why are you shouting. Akash says they have given a paper requiring Prabhunath’s sign. The hospital staff tells Poonam about it. Akash says he is also like his family. Akash scolds him. The opposite person also heats up. Poonam asks Akash to cool down. The doctor comes and asks whats going on. Everyone complain about Akash. The doctor asks Poonam to come with him. She asks Akash to stay outside. The doctor says our hospital’s reputation is very good and Akash is spoiling it. He says either take him outsie, or take your dad with you. Akash hears this. Poonam apologises on Akash’s behalf. She says he is not bad, but he does not know to speak with people. Akash is shocked to hear this. The doctor says I cannot help you in this matter.

Akash says he heard what doctor said, you don’t worry, I will not put you into trouble, I will go from here. He leaves. Poonam looks at him.

Gawtham’s parents think Prabhunath is keen for marriage. They want to get their daughter married and go to America.

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

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