Ek Ghar Banaunga 6th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 6th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Poonam telling Akash that the peopn called her and told her about the file. Akash says then he will go to meet him. Akash drops Poonam at the office. Its dark at night with no power. She says there is something fishy. Akash goes to park the car. She opens the cupboard and Naveen’s body falls on her. She is shocked and looks at him. She shouts and sees the knife. She holds the knife and the guard comes there. He says murder, I will call police. Poonam shouts for Akash. The goons hold Akash and asks him to be here. He asks him to sit in the car and threaten him.

Akash beats the goons. The police comes there and arrests Poonam on murder charges. She says I did not do this. He says you did this murder. They arrest Poonam and she cries. They tell Akash that there us a murder. Akash says my wife is inside, I have to go. Akash comes in and is shocked to see Naveen dead.

Akash says Poonam came here to get the file. I was outside ad she came inside alone. He says someone is framing her. Poonam says check him, maybe he is alive, take him to hospital. Akash tells thye SP that you know us, we did not do this. Akash says someone is framing Poonam. The SP says we also don’t believe Poonam can do this, but things are against us. He asks him to come with lawyer and then bail her out. The arrest Poonam and leave. The news shows this on tv. Everyone is shocked at home.

The reporter says Poonam has threatened to kill Naveen two days ago. Mangla says Poonam can’t do this, call Akash. Shashikant calls Akash but can’t connect. He asks her to be calm. Mama says I think Mata Singh did all this. Mata Singh talks to his family and is happy with what all happened with Poonam today. He tells his mum that he has framed Poonam in murder case and she will not be out of it now. Mata Singh tells him that he has killed Naveen. He says everyone will think my house is on the school land and Poonam will be arrested on your murder charge.

Naveen falls. Mata Singh laughs knowing Poonam got arrested. He gets a bad news that Naveen is still alive and is in coma. Mata Singh is shocked. Akash asks the police for help but they tell him that they can’t help him. Akash meets Poonam and pacifies her. They come to know that Naveen is still in coma. Poonam asks the SP to increase security else Mata Singh will try to kill him. The lawyer says he will try his best to work out things in Poonam’s favor. Poonam cries. She asks him to go home as family needs him. He says I won’t go. Halaat ke ye sitam hai o piya……………..plays…………………

Akash leaves. Ye jiya na lage na………………plays………….Everyone at home are tensed. Mangla says Poonam went to jail in murder charges, what will people think about us. Shashikant says Akash will free Poonam. Akash comes home and tells them that lawyer is unable to help him. Jai calls him and Akash tells everyone that no lawyer is agreeing to take Poonam’s case. Everyone is shocked. Mangla says it means Poonam will be in jail for long. Ambika, Parul and Vidya come to meet Poonam in jail. Poonam says I have to prove myself innocent.

Akash comes to meet Poonam and tells her that no lawyer is fighting your case. As no one wants to go against Mata Singh. Ambika says what will happen now. Poonam says that which always happened, the truth will win at last. Akash asks but how, we got a date from court. Poonam says fine, I will fight my own case. Parul says how can you be the lawyer. Poonam says its by court rules.

Mata Singh talks to his goons and tells them about Poonam. He says I want this murder attempt to turn into murder. Naveen is shocked seeing a goon inject poison to him in the hospital ward. They give him the injection and Naveen falls unconscious.

Update Credit to: Amena

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