Ek Ghar Banaunga 6th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 6th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 6th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vidya telling everyone the truth against the sage. She says Poonam is saying the truth about the sage. The sage has even touched her by calling her alone in his room. The sage flirted with her and asked her to agree on his demands asking her to trust him. He says I will always be there to help you, but you have to return my favor to me, you make my wish come true, I will make you win the competition, else you will be in a big problem, so its better if you give yourself to me. Vidya has pushed the sage and ran away. Vidya tells this to everyone. The sage says this is a lie, does she have any proof against me.

Sagar takes the sage’s side. Everyone at home are shocked seeing this drama on tv. Sagar asks Poonam to prove what she said. Poonam says I

have the proof. The sage and Aarti are shocked. Poonam calls police and asks him to show the video to everyone.

The video does not show the sage’s face but has only his voice. The sage says Tanya said me no and see where I have sent her. The sage is worried. Aarti smiles. The sage says great, its a great proof. He says will this prove that I m the one in that video. Poonam is tensed. The sage where is my face on the video, there are many who can make my voice. The sage says everyone knows what Poonam is upto, she wants to ruin my image, so she played this game and this video is part of her plan.

Vidya says its not a lie, its the truth. Vidya says its the sage in the video. Vidya says he is the sinner, he asked me to agree with him and warned that he will kill me. Poonam says of you don’t trust us, ask Aarti, she will tell who told the truth, as she is also involved with him. Vidya says Poonam is right, Aarti took me to the sage by lying to me. Everyone look at Aarti. Poonam asks Aarti to accept her mistake and tell the sage’s truth. Aarti says its true I took Vidya with me, but not to the sage, but to Sagar Malhotra.

Sagar is shocked. Poonam looks on. The sage smiles. Vidya signs no to Poonam. Sagar says are you mad, such a big lie, for what. Aarti says Ambika, did you not see him going behind Tanya, she has also seen you talking to Vidya. Sagar says I had a doubt that there is something fishy in this ashram, so I was finding the truth. Aarti says I will tell this truth. The sage says Aarti is right, its Sagar. The sage says Sagar is the root of all bad things in this ashram. Poonam says this is not the truth, Aarti is lying. The sage says why are you not believing Aarti.

Poonam says yes, Aarti and you are lying. Poonam says even I had the doubt on Sagar, but when Vidya told me the truth about the sage, I was shocked. The sage says I will tell Vidya’s truth. He says Vidya came to me and said if I make her win, then she will do anything for me. Poonam is shocked. Everyone looks on. The sage says I have protected my Brahmachari. Vidya’s husband trusts Vidya and says I won’t believe this, she can’t do this, she don’t lie. The sage speaks against Vidya. Poonam says enough, are we fools to believe you, if Vidya came to you, why did you not tell us before.

The sage says I did not wish to stain any woman’s image. He acts safe and fools the public. The sage says so the people will decide whom they will believe, either me or them. The sage speaks against Poonam’s character. Akash shouts on him.

Akash goes on the stage and beats the sage. The sage falls. Akash says if you say anything against Poonam, I will kill you right here. He says I understood that day when someone from this ashram told me that this ashram is not safe for women, but this sage have asked me to leave. He says today you will be ruined and we will see you. Aarti panics. The sage talks to his believers against Poonam and Akash. Poonam says just shut up, you are not a true sage, everyone will know your truth today. She says you are a murderer. She says you have killed Tanya.

The sage says this mad girl is lying, why will I kill anyone, who will believe you, who are you. Poonam says I m a part of everyone. The sage says go and shout. Poonam says what will you do if the law goes against you, will you be saved then. Kanno says what is Poonam doing. She says whats the need for Poonam to do this. Mama says I think Poonam will show the sage his place. The sage says you are teaching me law, I know it more than you. He says I trust and respect the law. Poonam says fine, be ready to go behind the bars as you have killed Tanya in law’s eyes.

The inspector comes and says Poonam is right, we got the sage’s blood sample which matched with the blood sample we got in Tanya’s nails. Shashikant takes Poonam’s side and scolds Mangla for following that sage. The sage is shocked. Poonam smiles. The inspector says the sage has killed Tanya and its proved. Everyone are shocked. The public starts discussing. Everyone look at the sage with anger.

The sage admits that he changed the blood sample. Poonam smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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  1. Wow Poonam exposed the sage.

  2. Wow poonam and akash are awesome

  3. Kunal shergill

    How poonam do that ….hahahaha.we all thought that sagar is murderer ……wow poonam awesomee……

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