Ek Ghar Banaunga 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 5th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone disagreeing with Shashikant’s decision in keeping Pooja at home. Shashikant says Poonam is right, we should keep Pooja with us. Jai and Pooja are happy. Mangla asks him to think again. Dadi and Kanno are also against his decision. Akash says think about out name and reputation. Shashikant says Jai would have thought about that, but he did not care about the family name. He asks Poonam to take Pooja to any room. Kanno says I won’t give her my room. Poonam says Pooja will stay in Prathna’s room and she needs care. Jai says I will take care of Pooja. Kanno is upset.

Poonam asks Pooja not to worry as everything will be fine. She asks her not to take tension as it may affect the baby. Pooja thanks her for giving her place to live and saving the

baby else she would have died. Pooja fooled Poonam as she was committing suicide. Pooja lied to her about pregnancy. Pooja says you have given a life to my baby. Poonam asks her to take care and she will bring food for her. Pooja says I want to meet Mangla. Poonam says fine, go and meet her. Jai thanks Poonam for bringing Pooja and saving her life. He says I won’t forget what you did for me, you did a big favor giving me my happiness, forgive me. Poonam says don’t embarrass me by apologizing.

Akash gets angry on Poonam for bringing Poonam at home. Poonam says I m doing this fro some other reason, listen to my plan. She tells him everything. Akash is not convinced. She says we have to bring Pooja’s reality infront of Jai so that he can understand that Pooja is wrong. Akash does not like her plan and argues with her. She says enough, don’t agree with me, I will do what I planned, I will end this what I started. I m sure I will succeed. Akash says fine, do what you want, I m not with you in this decision, don’t expect anything from me.

Kanno cries and Dadi consoles her. Dadi asks her to keep strength, everything will be fine. Kanno is heart broken. Kanno blames Jai for doing wrong with her. Mangla says even I don’t understand. Since Poonam came in our house, we are getting stains, why did she do this with Kanno. Dadi asks Mangla not to out oil in the fire. Dadi says Poonam always did good for this family. Mangla says today Poonam did the wrong thing, she has back stabbed Kanno. Kanno says Mangla is right. I should have not trusted her, I will not forgive Poonam for this mistake. Dadi says Mangla is not doing this right, be calm and quiet. Dadi says I m going to my room and leaves.

Kanno says leave me alone for sometime. Mangla says fine, don’t trust Poonam again, she is a cheater, she is enemy, not a friend. She says you don’t worry, I m here with you, don’t feel you are alone, take rest. She smiles and leaves. Kanno wipes her tears and says I have seen what you have done for me but this time its not about my keys, but my husband, I know what I have to do.

Mama asks Mangla whats all this happening. Mangla says maybe Shashikant is worried about Jai’s baby. She says I feel this is good. Kanno did not give any baby to us. Its our profit, did you see Poonam and Kanno’s fight. Poonam supported Pooja and Kanno hates her for this, I wanted this. She says I have to use Pooja and find a way out for her. Pooja comes to her. Pooja falls in her feet and asks her to forgive her. She says I came here only because of this baby. She says my baby should get a life. Pooja smiles.

Mangla says I won’t melt by your words, stop this drama, I know a woman like you, you think you are clever. Pooja says no, I m not clever, if I was clever, I would have gone to police and complaint about Jai. She says I would have sent you all to jail. Mangla asks what is this nonsense. Pooja warns her. Mangla and Mama are shocked. Mangla says whats this, I did not mean you are clever. Mangla says we welcome you in our house, after all its our blood, we are getting happiness because of you. Pooja is happy and smiles. Mangla tells Mama that Pooja is very clever, I can’t use her. I can’t treat her badly, else it will be a problem for us. She says we have to be alert.

Jai tells Pooja that he will come to her when everyone sleeps. Poonam and Kanno plan to stop Jai. Kanno says I will give him sleeping tablets in milk.

Update Credit to: Amena

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