Ek Ghar Banaunga 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the goons checking the women’ faces. They see Poonam and catch her. She tries to run and fights with them. The catch her again and try to kidnap her. Akash passes by and Poonam sees him. She shouts Akash and he stops the car. He is shocked to see her between the goons and comes to her rescue. He fights with the goons and asks Poonam to run as she has to expose Mata Singh. Poonam runs and her feet gets hurt. Some goons find her and try to catch her again. She sees an axe and asks them to come now holding it.

She says come, catch me now, why did you stop. She says I will kill you if you come to me. They get afraid. Some women see Poonam and beat the goons. Poonam smiles and leaves from there.

Poonam comes to meet the CM, but the goons fire in the air, so CM leaves from that place. The goons threatens Poonam asking her to be in her limits. He takes the file from her. Poonam slaps him. She scolds him and says insults him infront of everyone. She says what if you take the file. I will still win, this slap is just the beginning, see what I do. Akash comes there and hears Naveen warning Poonam. The police comes there. Akash talks to Poonam. She says the file is gone, the goons took it, it was our last hope. Akash says I will bring it, you go home.

He sends her home. The goons bring the file and give it to Mata Singh. Mata Singh is happy seeing it. He says don’t waste time now, and burn this file. Naveen is angry as he got slapped by Poonam. He tells this to Mata Singh. Mata Singh says don’t worry, we will take the revenge for this insult. Naveen says I feel like killing her. Mata Singh says everything has a time, be calm till I come out from here. The lawyer comes and says great news, you got the bail. Mata Singh laughs and says I will go to Lucknow from here.

Poonam comes home and tells everyone what happened. Everyone ask Poonam not to be upset. Mangla says if anything wrong happened, then. Poonam says that work was important. Mata Singh comes there and everyone is shocked seeing him out of jail. He says Poonam is a MLA and could not take the file to the CM, so helpless, its so shameful. He says this is politics and what did you think, you will solve all problems being a MLA, the problem starts with the chair.

He says you need power, else you won’t be able to do anything. He says I will rule on Sitapur, if I m in jail too. He laughs saying I m Mata Singh, the king of Sitapur. Naveen taunts Poonam and asks her to speak up now. Mata Singh says you are becoming mad, come back to senses Poonam, else it will be very bad, you will be much punished. He says I will disappear everyone. Poonam says enough, I m not afraid of you, I m not yet lost, I will end the war, you will be ruined soon so start counting your days.

She says I will end the rule of yours, and about slapping Naveen, I can slap him again. She asks them to get lost. Mata Singh gets angry feeling insulted. She says I m still the MLA and if you threaten me, I can send you in jail. Mata Singh leaves in anger. He comes home and says we have to do something about Poonam. Naveen says I could have taught her a lesson, see how much she has insulted us. Mata Singh says yes, so I have a plan in my mind.

Naveen asks what, Mata Singh says I have frame Poonam in a big crime. Mata Singh says murder. Naveen looks on shocked. Mata Singh says it will be fun if I send her on murder charges, I will be free from her, as she will go in jail. Naveen says great idea, but whose murder. Mata Singh looks on.

Poonam tells Akash that she has to go office. She comes to office and screams Akash.

Update Credit to: Amena

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