Ek Ghar Banaunga 5th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 5th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 5th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mangla slapping Kanno. Kanno realises its her dream. Poonam thanks Mangla for giving her saree. Mangla asks her to wear this saree when she goes to the Mandir. Poonam says I don’t know how to wear a saree. Mangla says I will teach you how to wear the saree. Rani hides in Prathna’s room. Mangla sees her and scolds her. Kanno comes to her husband and tells him whats going on there. She gets very much angry. He asks what happens to you. She says how dare Mangla gave her ancestral saree to Poonam. He makes her sit and calms her down. He says why don’t you understand you and mum want the same thing. Why are you getting worried. She says about the saree, what might be good in it, I m at loss. I did not even touch the saree, and she gave the saree to Poonam. He

says why did not you tell them, she says I did not tell anything but I will take revenge. He says control your anger and don’t make the matter worse.

Akash sees Poonam in a saree. Mangla is with her helping her to wear a saree. Poonam thanks Mangla. She says why do you always say thanks. Poonam is looking pretty. Akash takes her photo in his mobile. Akash smiles seeing her. Poonam looks at him, he keeps his phone inside and gets tensed. Mangla says this saree looks good on you and you are looking beautiful. Akash thinks of Poonam standing outside the room. Poonam comes to him and says Akash.. He says I know what you came to tell me, I was actually getting the mobile signal, you might be thinking I was taking your photo. She says I did not come to ask you that, can you take me to Lucknow where my dad works, but don’t tell my dad, I want to surprise him. Akash says ok, I will take you. He thinks what Poonam might be thinking about him.

Kanno comes to Poonam’s room at night and takes the saree Mangla gave to Poonam. She smiles cunningly and leaves. Mangla is looking for Rani. Kanno hides. Mangla looks into the room and does not see Kanno. Kanno is relaxed. She sees Poonam and Prathna coming to the room, she hides inside the room. Prathna closes the window, till then Kanno escapes from the room. She comes to her room and becomes happy seeing the saree. She thinks now it will be fun when Poonam does not get the saree to wear in the Mandir.

The next morning, Prathna reminds Poonam to wear the saree her mum gave. Poonam looks for it and does not find it. Poonam tells her that she is not getting the saree. Both of them look for it in the cupboard. Mangla and Mama have a talk about the saree gifting. Mangla explains her why she did so. Prathna goes to Mangla along with Poonam and tells her that the saree is lost. Mangla is shocked. Kanno smiles. Mangla asks how can this be. Kanno says it had to happen, maybe Poonam did not keep it safe. Kanno starts taunting Poonam saying she is careless, she could not keep the saree safe. Mangla says it means someone has stolen it. Kanno gets tensed. Mangla says there is only one solution, to check everyone’s room and everyone should know it who stole it.

Shashikant comes there and says he is leaving. He asks why are everyone worried. Kanno tells him about the saree. Mangla says whatever I m doing, is after thinking a lot. He says I don’t want to get into these matters, he leaves. Kanno tells Mangla why don’t you understand, maybe Poonam has hidden it somewhere. Mangla says we need some proof. Kanno says we have to go to Mandir first. Mangla says we need to find out the saree first, so we will check all the rooms. Kanno gets tensed. Poonam says its ok, you don’t check anything. Mangla says I have thought it well. She says she is not partial, so first they will check her room. Mangla asks them to find the saree in her room. They look for the saree but do not get it. They then do to Akash’s room. Kanno gets tensed. Mama says we have seen it everywhere, the saree is not there. Mangla says we need to check every room. Mangla says Kanno’s room is left now, lets check there. Kanno thinks what will happen if they find out, I need to do something. Kanno stops them from entering the room and says you cannot check it, its as if you are insulting me.

Dadi says we did not feel bad, why are you thinking like this. Kanno taunts them, and does not allow them to enter her room. Mangla says I did not come here to listen to you, let us go inside. Kanno stops them again and stares at Mangla. Mangla looks at her and gets angry.

Kanno tries to keep the saree back in Poonam’s room, Mangla catches her red handed..

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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