Ek Ghar Banaunga 5th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 5th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 5th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kanno lying to Mangla and going for the dance classes. Dolly calls Mangla and tells her that Kanno lied to her and went for dance classes. Mangla is shocked and asks who are you, how do you know this. Mangla does not believe her and thinks I will go and see. Dolly and Sarita smile. Dolly says Mangla will not leave her seeing Kanno dancing. Sarita says we should also go to see Mangla’s angry expressions. They leave after her. Akash does the arrangements and says this event is a big chance for me. Ramesh looks on. Akash gets a call from caterers.

Akash talks to Kothari and says everything is fine. Ramesh smiles. Deepak comes there with Rs. 5 lakhs. Deepak is happy and says the arrangements look good. Akash says its because of you and Ramesh. Akash takes

the money and says I will return soon. Deepak asks him to give him more chances like this. Akash agrees and smiles. Deepak leaves. Akash is happy and says he is waiting for tomorrow. Ramesh says me too.

Poonam sees there is no one at home. She says where did everyone go. Kamal sees her and says yes no one is at home, only you and me. He smiles and comes to her in her room. Her bangle falls and goes near his feet. He picks it up and stares at her through it. Poonam sees him standing and says you here. He says your bangle. She takes it and says do you need anything. He says can you take me to show Sitapur. Poonam says go with Akash. Kamal says Akash and Jai are busy, will you take me. Poonam says Akash will be free and show you. Kamal gets angry and says this color is suiting you, is it your fav. Poonam says no, its Akash’s fav color. She says will you have tea. Kamal says yes. Poonam leaves.

Kanno is dancing and Mangla comes there. Dolly and Sarita follow her. Mangla is shocked to see Kanno dancing. Mangla gets angry. Kanno bumps into Mangla and is shocked to see her. Kanno gets tensed. Kanno says yes, I have lied to you and took admission in dance class. I love dancing and it gives me happiness. I know you feel its wrong, but don’t I have a right to fulfill my desires. She says I m doing this for my happiness. Dolly and Sarita are smiling. Mangla says enough, I will not stop you from dancing. I m upset that I did not know this that you dance so well. Kanno says did you not feel bad. Mangla says yes, but not about dance, but that you lied to me and came here.

Mangla says see Kanno, if anyone wants to do a good thing to keep herself happiness, I will not stop. Kanno asks can I come here daily. Mangla says yes, but promise you will respect it as an art and learn from soul. Kanno promises her. Mangla smiles. Kanno thanks her and hugs her. Dolly and Sarita are shocked as their plan flopped. Akash tells everyone about the new work. Jai says did you read the contract well. Akash says yes, don’t worry, come tomorrow and see how our company made the event arrangements. Jai says I trust you and all the best. Jai asks about the event budget. Manglaa thinks why are they talking about business infront of the guests.

Mangla tells everyone that Kanno is going to dance classes to learn Kathak. Everyone are happy. Poonam says its great but why did you not tell me. Mangla says she felt we will stop her so she did not tell us. She asks Kanno to learn well and blesses her. Kanno smiles. Deepak tells Kiran that Akash is working hard for that event. Kiran says what if our money gets into a loss. Deepak says don’t worry, we have invested well. Deepak says we can take a rented house with the interest Akash gives us. Deepak and Kiran are happy.

Ramesh and his gang is happy that Akash will be shocked tomorrow. They have a laugh. Its morning, Poonam makes Akash eat curd and wishes him all the best. Akash calls Kothari but he does not take the call. Akash is tensed. Ramesh smiles.

Akash tries to find Kothari and comes to know he was a fake man. Akash cries and says I m ruined. Poonam is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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