Ek Ghar Banaunga 4th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 4th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 4th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mangla and Poonam making the list of items to be given to Prathna at the time of marriage. Akash smiles seeing Poonam. Mangla sees him and asks him to go for work. Rani is working in the kitchen and gets Gawtham’s call. He asks whats the news. She says don’t call me, I will call you if there is something to tell you. Gawtham scolds her. Rani says you did not pay me anything till now. Rani asks for Rs. 10000 else she won’t help him. Rani and Gawtham have an argument. Rani says meet me in the market and give me the money. Gawtham says ok, I will pay you the amount later. Rani says now or never.

Kanno plans for her shopping. Rani comes to her and says can I come with you to the market as I finished my work. Kanno says you want to have fun right.

Rani says yes, I want some fresh air. Kanno agrees and says you will help me. All the women go for shopping clothes for Prathna.
Poonam selects a saree for Kanno. Kanno says ok, I will buy it. Rani goes outside the shop to meet Gawtham. Prathna looks for her mobile and says Mangla maybe my phone is in car, I will go and bring it. Prathna goes to the car and takes her phone. She sees Gawtham with Rani and wonders what Sudhir is doing with Rani. Gawtham and Rani also see her. Prathna asks Gawtham you here. Gawtham makes an excuse. Prathna says how do you know Rani. Gawtnam says her mum used to work in our house. He says I wanted to give you a surprise. Rani says a saree. Prathna laughs and says I will make you meet my family. Gawtham says I m in hurry, we have to do the arrangements too. Prathna says ok, atleast meet Poonam. Prathna calls Poonam and says she met Sudhir. Gawtham is tensed. Prathna gives back the money to Gawtham. Poonam comes outside the shop. Gawtham sees her coming and is tensed.

Lallan and Gawtham’s dad tries to save Gawtham. Gawtham says I will meet Poonam later. Gawtham was bring caught, his dad says first think and then do. Gawtham says you broke Rani’s phone. Lallan says we will give her phone and money. Poonam asks Prathna where is Sudhir. Gawtham leaves and Poonam could not see him. Mangla and Kanno are seeing the sarees at the shop. Prathna says she wants to buy a yellow saree. She asks Poonam to select the saree. Kanno feels bad and shows some sarees for Prathna. Akash comes there with money. He asks them to buy whatever they want.
Mangla asks Kanno and Poonam to take sarees. Kanno says Poonam does not wear sarees, then why to waste money. Mangla says ok buy it for you, don’t worry about others. Poonam says Kanno is right, I have many clothes which I didn’t wear till now. Akash hears this and looks out for a salwar suit dress for Poonam. He takes Prathna with him to select the dress/ Prathna shows the dresses to Poona and asks her choice. Poonam selects a dress. Akash dances. Akash asks them to sit in the car and he will pay the bill. Sudhir’s mum calls Mangla and says she is going to come for haldi tomorrow. Mangla tells this to Akash. Prathna and Poonam gets happy. Akash says its a good news. Everyone come home and Akash is doing the arrangements. Gawtham’s dad and Lallan comes inside the house.

Lallan tries to give a phone to Rani. Poonam comes there and asks who are you.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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