Ek Ghar Banaunga 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 4th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mama and Mangla discussing whom they should send to Lucknow. They evaluate their pros and cons. Poonam comes to Akash and tahnks him for bringing her parents home. She sees him tensed and asks him the reason. He says its hard to decide, this is so tough. She asks what problem do you have, tell me. He says we all love our parents, she says yes, so? He says so I have decided, come with me. She says I did not understand. He says come with me, I will tell you.

Prabhunath and Vandana come to the hall. Shashikant asks Dadi to have food and don’t be upset that Ravikant did not come. Mangla asks her to have fruits. Prabhunath tells Dadi you are lucky to have a big and happy family. She says everyone are not so lucky. Akash comes and says why can’t you be lucky, even you can have such love. He tells everyone that I want to tell something important. He says I made a big decision which no one knows, not even Poonam. Everyone looks at him. He says I m sure you all will be with me in my decision. He says sometimes we have to decide about our loved ones, and I have three people who mean a lot to me apart from my family, and thats Poonam and her parents. She says I have decided that these three people stay with me forever in this house. Everyone are shocked.

Poonam looks at Akash stunned. Akash says I want them to stay with us in our house forever like Poonam does. He says I took this decision after thinking a lot and I don’t think its wrong. He says Poonam’s parents are left alone after Poonam’s marriage, if Poonam can take care of my family why can’t I take care of her family. Kanno gets angry. He keeps his decision infront of everyone. She asys my wife’s parents are my parents. He says like I can’t leave my parents, I can’t leave them. He says so I have decided that they won’t go back to Lucknow, they will stay in this house with all of us. Everyone stand being shocked and looks at Akash. He is firm in his decision.

Prabhunath says Akash what are you saying, we can’t stay in our daughter’s in laws house, we were thinking to leave, we are not so much hurt, you are worrying. Kanno comes and tells Mangla she what Poonam did. She has asked Akash to do this. Poonam tells Akash that I know my parents needs care as they met with an accident but they won’t agree to live here, how can you take such a big decision. He says you know why they don’t want to live here. He says come out of the old mentality. Its our duty to take care of them. Prabhunath is about to fall and Akash holds him and asks are you fine. He says I respect your feelings but this is not required. Poonam says I can take care of them in Lucknow. I know your parents won’t stop me from going there. She says I spoke to them that we will shift to Lucknow, then why did you take this decision.

Mama says Akash is right. Kanno asks Akash that if Poonam does not want this, why are you after this. Akash asks Kanno not to say in between. Akash tries to convince Poonam. She says this is against their values. Akash says will it be fine if they stay alone. Kanno says Deepak should take care of them. Akash says yes, if he was there, he would have, but for now, I m here. He says Poonam has made my parents hers, so why can’t I.

Poonam says Akash you are right in your way, I respect your feelings but I think your decision is not right. She says your talk is clear, but you did not talk to anyone before taking this decision. She says this house is your parents, you should have taken their permission first. Prabhunath says sorry, we think we should leave now, we have hurt you all a lot, we are thankful to you for taking care of us, Akash saved us and brought us here, but now we won’t trouble you more, we will go from here soon. Akash is shocked. Poonam say have some rest now and takes her parents with her to their room.

Kanno taunts Akash and says you and Poonam tried to make me go from this house and now you want your in laws to stay here. She says atleast think about your parents. Shashikant scolds Kanno and asks Akash to come to his room as he wants to talk to him something important. Everyone leaves. Akash is worried. Prabhunath thinks about Akash. Akash goes to Shashikant’s room thinking about Prabhunath’s words. Vandana gives medicines to Prabhunath and says you should have not told Akash about the house’s auction. Poonam hears this and is shocked. Prabhunath says I did not tell, maybe Monica Didi told him. Poonam looks at them and they are shocked.

. Precap:
Akash tries to convince his family.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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