Ek Ghar Banaunga 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 4th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash asking Chandru to bring haldi. The haldi that came from Gawtham’s house gets exchanged. The haldi ceremony starts and Akash sends Chandru with some work. Vandana takes Haldi from Akash, and he sees Poonam standing at a distance. Vandana applies haldi to Poonam, and they all smile. Akash smiles seeing Poonam and the ceremony. He then leaves. Suman and Kiran also apply haldi to her. Few women from neighbourhood also come. Akash thinks about Poonam, and Chandru is with him. Radhe and his friend say they will be alone after Poonam gets married. Radhe says we can apply her name’s haldi, if we are not getting her. As the one who gets that bride’s haldi, gets married soon. They take the haldi which came from Gawtham’s family, in which the itching powder is mixed. Akash asks them what are you doing, they say they want to get fairer.

Scene shifts to Gawtham’s house:

Gawtham’s dad is dressed in a ravan’s sister’s attire, and his wife is shocked to see him, and she is afraid of him. He says it will be fun when Poonam applies the itching powder haldi. The guys who applied that haldi, does itching. They both run from there.

Suman applies haldi to Kiran and she runs away, Poonam and everyone laughs. Suman sees Akash, and gives a sign to Poonam. They make some plan. Suman calls Akash, and Kiran tells him some work. Suman is about to put haldi on him, and he runs outside. Suman runs after him. Poonam also comes outside, she sees a small girl, and goes to her. Poonam is about to fall and Akash holds her. Suman puts haldi on them. Everyone see them, Suman says sorry. Kiran says don’t worry Suman, its ok. Kiran asks Poonam to come. Poonam leaves with Kiran. Akash sees her going.

Prabhunath is talking to Gawtham’s dad, he says everything went fine, everyone enjoyed. Vandana asks Prabhunath to invite them tomorrow. Prabhunath invites them for Sangeet function. Gawtham’s dad says ok, we will come. Vandana says what did he say, Prabhunath says they will come. Gawtham’s dad asks whether you have mixed itching powder or not, she says I have mixed it. He says Prabhunath said the haldi function went well, why did she not been itching. Maybe the powder was not good, but you should have seen by applying it to yourself. Gawtham enters, and asks what is happening. They both make some excuse infront of Gawtham. Gawtham asks to buy a medicine. He says Prabhunath called, we have to go there for Sangeet. Gawtham smiles.

The next morning, Poonam’s Sangeet function starts. The girls are applying Mahendi to Poonam, and Suman’s sisters are also there. Monica Didi asks them to dance. Vandana asks for Kiran, Kiran is asking Deepak when will you come, she is waiting for him. She says everyone is asking for you, I m tired giving them answers. Deepak says I m trying to come, please understand. Kiran says Vandana she is coming out. Kiran asks Deepak to come soon, Deepak says Poonam is my only sister, and I wanted to do her marriage well, but I m stuck. I cannot tell you what I m feeling. Kiran says sorry, Deepak says I m trying to come as soon as possible, till then you take care of the work there.

Suman dances and the girls watch her. Poonam, Vandana and everyone are happy. Kiran also joins Suman. The song Banno rani.. plays.. Poonam goes to Vandana and hugs her.
Akash is doing the work, and Chandru asks him not to take tension. The guys Gullu and Radhe makes a plan to outdo Akash. The guys think Akash mixed the itching powder, so they think to take revenge by making him drink wine so that Poonam hates him.

Gawtham and Poonam dance, and Akash is sad seeing them.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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