Ek Ghar Banaunga 31st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 31st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Poonam talking to the peon about who can do this scam. Mangla calls Poonam and asks her what to send in lunch. Poonam says anything and ends the call. Mangla feels Poonam was looking tensed. Poonam doubts on two people. Few women came to meet her. Her PA informs her and asks her to come back soon. Poonam says attend them, I will be late else ask them to wait. The women agree to wait. Poonam tells Parul that she has to go. Parul says don’t worry, we will manage everything. Poonam leaves.

Parul says lets start being the spy. Poonam meets the women and asks them not to worry as she will solve their problem soon. The women thank her. Poonam smiles. Mangla comes to Poonam and brings the lunch. She asks Poonam to come and have food. Poonam eats the food smiling. A man comes crying and says please help me, save my life. Poonam and Mangla are shocked. Poonam asks what happened. Mangla says can’t you let her have food, let her eat then she will hear you. The man says my family will die hungry, save us. He says Mata Singh’s goons are ruining our grains, save us. Poonam leaves the food. Mangla scolds the man.

She asks the man to go out and wait. Poonam says I will talk to him, she asks the man to go with the PA and get the farmers orders. The PA says fine. Poonam says don’t worry, nothing will happen. Mangla is annoyed and says you are disrespecting food. I don’t understand why don’t you take care of your health. Poonam says I m fine, the man was really worried. Mangla says fine, help them, but see yourself too. She asks her to have food. Poonam eats the food. She likes the food. Mangla smiles.

Parul and Ambika try to find out from the peon. The boss comes and scolds him. Some people complain about the boss. Ambika doubts on him and calls Poonam. She says many people came here and they have complained about the officer. Parul says I think he has done a deal and tell everything. Poonam says ask the peon that who did the file look, so that we can send the same file again, saying this file is the original one, the boss can be tensed seeing it and then we will catch him.

Parul gives the file to the peon asking him to do as they say. He says I don’t want to do, I m scared. The ladies scare him and asks him to work for Poonam, she will support you. They convince him to help them. The peon comes to the boss and tells him that he has the second copy of the file. He says shall we send this file to Poonam, she wants this. Parul and everyone look at him. The boss keeps the file with him and tries to hide it.

Parul meets the boss and asks him about the file. He says we don’t have any file and keeps it in the bag. Parul and everyone see him. He says I have to leave now. Parul thinks why did he lie, it means he will burn the file or give it to someone. Parul says lets follow him, come fast. They follow the man. He turns back and they hide. He leaves in his car. Ambika says he has run away with the file, lets find where is he going.

The man comes to a place. They think why did he come here. The man comes to meet someone and smiles. He gives him the file. He gives it to Poonam and she is shocked. He says the peon got this file and gave me, and I came to give you myself. The man says I know I don’t do my duty well, but I changed listening to you words. I care for the kid’s future. Parul and everyone looks on. Poonam says I m happy knowing this, you are honest, thanks. He says no, I should thank you, for making me go a good work. He says you are the example for me and leaves.

Parul says this man is innocent, who can it be. Poonam says minister’s PA, we will try to know his truth and make a plan. She smiles.

Poonam talks to Akash about the govt land.

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