Ek Ghar Banaunga 2nd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 2nd September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 2nd September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Gawtham scolding Rani. He asks her to stop Prathna from going to Sudhir’s house. Everyone are ready to meet Sudhir’s family. Mangla asks where is Kanno, should we wait for her. Gawtham says make Prathna fall, or do anything, but stop Prathna frpom going. Gawtham is worried. Rani thinks what to do. Rani makes some plans. Kanno comes late. Akash and jai are also ready. Mangla asks Prathna to get the Lord’s blessings before leaving the house. Everyone go to the house’s mandir. Rani till then does her work. Akash and Poonam have an eyelock and music plays. Prathna is very happy. Mangla says lets leave now. Rani makes Prathna fall. Poonam scolds Rani. Rani says sorry. Rani calls Prathna. Everyone stops. Mangla scolds her for calling her from behind.

Mangla asks Prathna to open the door. Prathna holds the door and the glass breaks. Everyone are shocked. Prathna gets hurt by the glass. Everyone are shocked. Poonam looks at the door.
Poonam sees the door falling and shouts Akash. Akash pulls Prathna back. Everyone does not know who did this. Rani smiles. Mangla asks Prathna is she fine. Rani says whats this, its a bad sign. How will you all go now. Mangla thinks about this. Akash takes Prathna inside. Rani says thank Lord that Prathna is safe. Akash says don’t worry Prathna, I m calling the doctor. Prathna says no need. Mangla says its really a very bad sign, we should not go to Sudhir’s house today.Shashikant says what do you mean. Mangla says we are not going today. Rani is happy along with Kanno. Poonam says its a accident, we should not think like this. Mangla scolds Poonam. Shashikant asys I think we should go to Sudhir’s house. Mangla agrees and says ok we will go today itself. Mangla says Prathna will not come with us. Shashikant asks Akash to inform Sudhir’s parents about this. Poonam says I will stay at home with Prathna.
Poonam takes Prathna to her room.

Akash and his family come to meet Sudhir and his family. Sudhir welcomes them. Sudhir introduces his family. Sudhir’s parents ask where is Prathna. Everyone look at each other. Mangla says she was coming, but …. Kanno says glass broke. Mangla says Prathna got hurt so we thought we will keep her at home, but Poonam is with her. Sudhir smiles. Mangla asks Kanno to control her tongue. She says if you do anything here, then remember. Suhri’s sister Sangeetha brings snacks for them. Sudhir’s parents speak to them well. Poonam brings tea for Prathna. Poonam says everything happens for the good. Prathna is tensed. Poonam says the proposal will be fixed. Shashikant talks to Sudhir’s parents about Prathna. Shashikant says we are ready for the proposal. Poonam teases Prathna saying you are in love with Sudhir. Poonam says you want to marry Sudhir, right? Prathna smiles.

Sudhir’s dad says we are also ready for this proposal. Everyone are happy and smiles. Sudhir’s dad says but…….. Shashikant says what, any demand if you have, you can tell us. Kanno thinks so this is their thing, they will demand big now. Sudhir’s dad says we want four….. Mangla says it will be tough for us. Sudhir’s dad says we are helpless. Shashikant says but.. Sudhir’s dad says we understand but we are helpless. Sudhir’s dad says we don’t want to trouble you but try to understand. Mangla says we can’t afford four. Kanno says we can’t do it. Akash looks on. Sudhir’s dad says you are also right on your stand. Akash says Deepak said you are against dowry. Sudhir’s dad says yes, he is right. Kanno says then why are you asking for four crores. Sudhir’s dad says whats that. jai says its your demands. Sudhir says you were misunderstanding. Sudhir’s mum says we were saying about keeping the marriage in four days. Mangla and everyone are relaxed.

Shashikant says why so early. Sudhir’s dad says Sudhir is busy, so we were thinking to keep his marriage soon. Everyone are happy. Akash smiles.

Gawtham and his family make some plans for reaching Prathna.

Update Credit to:Amena Hasan

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