Ek Ghar Banaunga 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 2nd May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ramesh saying we want our money, we don’t love anyone, we want our Rs 25 lakhs which we gave Akash and we have a share in this house. Everyone are shocked. Dolly says we all want this, my parents are quiet as they also want this. Ramesh says we don’t have time, give us our share and end the talk, we are tired of acting. Akash says what share, you won’t get any rupee. Ramesh says so will you have all this property. Akash says its our dad’s property. Ramesh says so you were ready to sell this house for your benefit. Poonam says but we have not sold it, and we did a lot to save this house and we succeeded. Dolly asks Ravikant to tell everyone that he is with them and he agrees.

Abhi says yes, your share is in this house. Ravikant slaps Ramesh and everyone are shocked. Dolly says dad, how can you slap your son in law. Ravikant says you all should get this slap, not only him. He says Vimla, did we did their upbringing for this day. Vimla cries. Ravikant scolds Kamal for making their name ruined. Vimla also scolds them. Ravikant says till I m alive, your dreams can’t be fulfilled. Dolly says whats wrong, this house is ours also. Ravikant says no, its not yours, you are my children but I don’t have any right here, ok fine, I disown all of you today. Everyone are shocked.

He says his relation with Shashikant is also of blood relation, did they respect it. Dolly tries o convince Vimla but fails. Dolly says why should we leave this property for them. Ravikant says enough now, don’t say a word now else I will slap you. Ramesh says fine, you don’t want your right fine, but we want our Rs 25 lakhs which I gave to Akash, I want it now. Sia and Raghav come there with Mittal and says here is the money. Poonam says you guys here. Akash says how come you are here.

Sia says we came to give you some advance. Ramesh is shocked. Mittal says its your hard earned money. Sia says you made our wedding functions so special. Raghav says yes Akash please take it. Shashikant signs Akash to accept it. Akash takes the money. Akash thanks Sia and Raghav. Akash gives Rs 15 lakhs to Ramesh and says you already have Rs 10 lakhs which you stole from my room. Mittal says we will leave now. Akash says fine and greets him. Mittal leaves with Sia and Raghav.

The police comes there. Everyone look at them shocked. Akash says come, I have called you here, take this bad man, whom we were finding, he was hiding in our home. Kamal gets arrested. Ravikant says one min inspector, he is not guilty alone, take them too, Ramesh and Abhi, as they have also cheated this house, they should also go to jail. He asks Poonam to give her phone and show the proof. Ravikant tells that they should be punished. Dolly says please don’t do this dad, forgive them.

Ravikant apologizes to Shashikant and says he will leave from this house now. Shashikant stops him and says you came here after so many years, you can’t go like this. Ravikant apologizes to Poonam from Kamal’s side. Poonam asks them to stay with them. Ravikant and Vimla leave the house. Akash is upset. Poonam says she is feeling bad that they got punished because of their children. Jai and Kanno come to Akash and apologize for being rude to them in bad times. Akash says forget it, its all fine.

Sia and Raghav’s wedding takes place. Mittal thanks Akash for the wonderful arrangements. Akash blesses Sia as her brother.

Akash tells Poonam about a big goon Mata Singh ji.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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