Ek Ghar Banaunga 28th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 28th June 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 28th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam getting worried. She says she wants to talk to Gawtham, she is worried about Gawtham’s behavior with her parents. Akash comes and says everything will be fine, he says the time is difficult, but we will find the solution of this problem, he says listen to your heart and don’t worry. He smiles and leaves. Poonam thinks about it. Vandana and Prabhunath come to her and ask her to come for another rasam. Kiran and other women come. Poonam asks which rasam, Vandana says there are many rasams, pandit will tell you, lets go. She asks Suman to bring Poonam. Poonam sees the briefcase and asks what is in it. Prabhunath is hiding it from Poonam and Vandana calls him so that he cannot answer her. Poonam leaves without getting their answer. Vandana says we should not take this bag, Poonam will understand. Some guy calls Suman and asks Akash is calling you. The guy is misguiding her. Its Neel’s plan.

Gawtham also comes to the hall. Lallan is happy as he is making money in the marriage. They create a issue that the bride did not come till now. Poonam comes there with Kiran. Gawtham looks at her. Poonam asks for Suman, she comes to know Suman went to meet Akash. Gawtham’s dad asks them to do the tilak rasam.

Poonam asks Vandana what is this Tilak Rasam. Vandana says we have to do it. Gawtham and Poonam stand together, Gawtham looks sad. They proceed to sit together. Prabhunath covers the money so that Poonam does not see it. Akash comes there and sees the arrangements. Akash looks at Poonam. Suman’s sister asks Akash about Suman. He says I don’t know, who told you. She tells him about Neel’s friend. Akash is shocked. Akash gets worried and goes to look for Suman. Suman goes to another place to meet Akash Bhaiya, she asks him what he is doing here, she sees Neel there instead of Akash. She gets shocked. She says you, where is Akash Bhaiya, he says whats the hurry, I want to talk to you. Suman shouts on him. Akash is searching for Suman and Neel. Suman asks Neel what he wants to say. She starts going, he holds her hand and stops her.

He pulls her, he says you don’t even look at me, she starts shouting, he says let me talk and look at you, then I will leave you, he misbehaves with her, Akash comes to that place but Neel hides with Suman. He stops Suman from shouting. Suman bites Neel and runs from there. Suman comes out and meets Akash. She cries and tells Neel was misbehaving with her. She hugs Akash, Akash runs after Neel. The pandit tells about the tilak rasam, that they can gift whatever they have in this rasam. Poonam sees the gifts and does not like. The bank officials see that Prabhunath is spending lots of money. Prabhunath gives the money to Gawtham’s dad.

Poonam looks at the money box covered, Lallan says why are you covering it, we have the right to see it, open it and show us. Gawtham’s dad asks Prabhunath to uncover the money, Prabhunath is afraid of Poonam. The bank officials are shocked too seeing the money. Poonam is stunned seeing the money. She thinks its dowry. Poonam cries. Gawtham sees it and does not react. Gawtham’s family accepts the money. The pandit continues the rasam. Poonam talks to Gawtham that what is this, you told me that you won’t take dowry. He says why are you worried, did you not know it. He says ask your parents later, let the rasam complete. Everyone see them talking again. Gawtham asks her not to talk to him in front of everyone.

Lallan argues with Prabhunath. Gawtham and Poonam have a fight, Poonam gets up and says she has decided that she will not marry. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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