Ek Ghar Banaunga 27th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 27th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 27th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shashikant saying he will talk to Gawtham’s family and fix the Vidaai date. Kanno says it would be good if you take the matter in your hands. Prabhunath is crying and Vandana asks him are you fine. He says how can I be fine seeing my daughter in such a situation where her in laws were kicking her out of the house. He says this happened because of me. He says I have not done good to her, its my mistake. Vandana calms him down and says why are you blaming yourself, you did not know this is going to happen with Poonam. She says we wanted her to be happy but… He says why this happened with her, why is the Lord doing this. Vandana cries.

Gawtham and his family are discussing about the marriage. Neel shows his mum the marriage video. Lallan says

show me also. He says where is the scene that happened. Neel says someone was disturbing me so I stopped. Bhima scolds Neel for not taking the video. Gawtham tells his mum that he has ruined Poonam and her family. All of them have a laugh. Gawtham is hurt but happy. Lallan says call Rani. Gawtham says maybe Rani run away fearing them. Bhima says she should have been there, she would tell us what happened there after we left.

Prathna wakes up disturbed and goes to the mirror. She thinks how Gawtham met her and cheated her. She thinks of her wedding that led her to this day. Poonam comes to Prathna’s room and watches her. She sees her crying and feels bad. Prathna thinks of her wedding with Gawtham. She breaks the mangalsutra and wipes the sindoor. She throws the bangles and the jewellery. Poonam cries seeing her breaking down like this.

Poonam comes outside crying. Akash sees Poonam crying and comes to her. He says I was looking out for you, I knew you would be here. He says Dadi is with Prathna, but will you sleep here. Poonam says yes, you don’t worry about me. He says come to my room. Poonam says no, I can’t, this won’t be right. Akash says its my room. He says you sleep in my room and I will sleep in hall. She says try to understand, I m fine, if I sleep in your room, everyone will be more angry. He says ok fine, you stay in guests room. He says its better if you stay there, come with me. Akash cleans the guests room and asks Poonam to sleep here and everything will be fine tomorrow. He asks her to take rest. Poonam stops Akash and says I want to talk about Prathna. She asks him to sit. She says what should we do now, everyone are going to Gawtham’s house tomorrow, they are taking a wrong decision.

She says Prathna’s life will be ruined in Gawtham’s house. She speaks against Gawtham. Akash says yes, we have to do something, because I know my dad will give them dowry and they will accept this wedding, we have to stop them from going, else it will be late till they realize their mistake.

The next morning, Kanno is dreaming of herself as a queen and she hits Mangla with a hunter. She scolds Mangla for listening to Poonam. Mangla looks like a slave dressed in poor clothes. Mangla apologizes to her and asks for her help. She says listen to what I m saying and do as I say. Mangla nods yes. Kanno laughs. Its Kanno’s dream and it ends. jai comes and asks her where you talking to yourself again. She says no, I was practicing. He asks what. She says how to talk to Gawtham’s family. She says I have to do that work as its my idea. He says lets go now and finds the door locked. Akash and Poonam has locked everyone’s door.

Everyone call for help to open the door. Poonam says I don’t feel this is right. Kanno calls someone and smiles. Poonam comes to Prathna. Akash locks the room again. Prathna says I knew you have done this, please leave as I don’t want to talk to you. Poonam asks where is Dadi. Prathna says Dadi went to Mandir. Akash and Poonam are doing this. Akash prays that only Lord can make everything normal. Prathna asks Poonam to leave. Shashikant and Mangla are calling Akash. Akash gets tensed.

Akash is calling someone. Poonam stops him. Akash asks her to stop.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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