Ek Ghar Banaunga 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 27th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Prabhunath asking Mangla to throw the food made by garlic and wash the utensils and the kitchen. Vandana cries. Mangla and Mama are having garlic in their room. They enjoy the garlic with wine and laughs. They think how they framed Vandana. Mangla sees Akash coming to her room and hides the garlic below the bed. Akash comes and talks to her and says I m getting some bad smell. Mama says yes, its garlic’s coming from the hall. Akash is fooled by Mama. Akash tells Mangla tomorrow I have to take Poonam to Lucknow to see some houses. Mangla says yes, take her but be sure not to let her know about her parent’s financial position. Akash is happy to see how good Mangla is. He is glad to get her as his mum and smiles.

Akash leaves. Mangla scolds Mama for keeping the door open. Mama gives the garlic to Mangla and says your plan is good, but when will Poonam’s parents go from here. Mangla says they will have to go, I will throw them out soon, I won’t bear them, but it will be done by mind, as I don’t want anyone to regard me bad, so I will show pity on them and make their life hard, that they will be helpless and leave from this house. Mama says when. Mangla says tomorrow night.

Poonam comes out of the bathroom and dries out her hair. Akash looks at her and music plays….. He stares at her in the mirror and smiles. He says you come to my office, we will go to mandir together, till then I will finish my work. He says we will go by bike as the way is very beautiful. Poonam smiles. He says and…. She says and….. He says you are looking very beautiful in this saree. Poonam gets happy and says Akash….. its my parent’s wedding anniversary coming soon, I was thinking to buy a gift for them. he agrees. She says we will go and meet the property dealer after visiting the mandir. Akash gets tensed.

jai and Kanno see the lock on the kitchen’s door and says wait for sometime, everyone will get tea and breakfast. Mama comes back and Kanno says Poonam is looking my younger sister, very beautiful, are you going somewhere. Poonam says yes, mandir. Dadi asks her to bring prasad for everyone. Someone comes and says Mangla called me. Mangla tells Dadi that you know your son, if he knows about it, he won’t drink water in this house. So, I have called him to change all the utensils of the house. Vandana feels bad. Mangla takes Prabhunath’s advice. Prabhunath says as you feel right.

Mangla asks Poonam to leave as Akash would be waiting for her. Poonam looks at her parents and leaves. Mangla asks Kanno to open the kitchen and bring the utensils. Mama says till they are here, shall we divide their utensils. As if Shashikant knows they eat garlic, he will be annoyed. Mangla says you are right, I know his anger. Mangla tells Prabhunath that I hope you won’t feel bad if I keep separate utensils for you. Vandana says its fine with us. Mangla asks Kanno to keep their utensils separate, this annoys Poonam’s parents.

Poonam and Akash come to visit the mandir. Akash is shocked to see the bank manager outside the mandir. He thinks it will be a problem if they see us. Akash asks Poonam to hurry up. Mangla sees a pandit coming in her house and asks who called you. He says I had to come, as there is a problem in your house. Everyone are shocked. Mangla says what are you saying. Mama comes and says I called the pandit. He says don’t be shocked, the house has to be made pure again.

Akash and Poonam pray in the mandir and the pandit praises their jodi. Akash says they are newly married. The pandit chants come mantras and does their tilak. He says its good that you came here, make your wife wear this dupatta. Akash does so looking at Poonam. They have an eyelock and music plays….. He asks Akash to fill Poonam’s maang with sindoor. He says this is a promise that you will protect her from every problem and you will face every problem. Poonam looks at Akash and thinks about his words.

She feels happy and Akash fills the sindoor. Some mantras play in the background. Poonam thinks about he marriage with Akash. Poonam touches the sindoor and looks at it. Piya…. plays ……. At their house, Vandana and Prabhunath are being insulted by Mangla indirectly so that no one can blame here if they leave the house. They are shocked as the pandit does their shuddikaran. Mangla and Mama smile. Dadi looks on.

Poonam meets the bank officials and they ask her about her parents. She says they stay with me. Akash is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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