Ek Ghar Banaunga 27th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 27th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone being happy talking to Poonam. They come to the govt house allotted to Poonam. Mama and Kanno are very much happy and takes all the services. Mangla asks the servant to make tea for her. Poonam leaves for work. Mangla is glad and smiles. Poonam talks to the people and plans to give computer knowledge to the kids. The old man of the school comes and says no need to make any plan, nothing can happen, we got a notice to shut the school. Poonam is shocked. He says they have written that its not illegal land and it will be broken down in 5 days. Poonam reads the notice and is worried.

She asks how can this happen, did you know this before. The old man is the principal of the school, and says Mata Singh has all the documents, he gave me this land for school when he became the MLA for the first time, when he is not in power, he is breaking the school. Poonam says I will talk to them. Maybe they will take this order back.

Mata Singh calls Poonam and says I m still in jail, I heard you are in problem, you are unable to save a school building, its so bad, now you will understand the system, when you will be running from departments, then you will understand you did a big mistake being in politics, he says you don’t have experience. Poonam says I will save the school. He laughs and says you are threatening me. She says no, I m challenging you. He says lets see, who wins.

He laughs and ends the call. Poonam asks the old man not to be sad as she will do her best to save the school. Poonam talks to the concerned departments and asks him to think to give some time for the school. The man says I came to know the school is on illegal land, I don’t know how they got the land, they don’t have any records. Poonam says give me some time. He says check the paper well, this is not first notice, we have sent before too. He says I know your worry, but I m sorry, I can’t help you. We want that place for our new project.

Poonam talks to others too and everyone tell her that they can’t help her. The man asks her to get stay order from magistrate. She thanks him and talks to the magistrate. She gets two days late appointment. She asks can I meet at home, its important. She says fine, I will come home. Awasthi comes to meet Jai and Akash. He praises them and gives them a contract. Jai says you are lucky for us. Awasthi says you had to get this contract, as you are good in business and we want to have good relations with MLA’s family.

He says he wants some benefit from them. Akash gets angry. Jai calms down Akash. Akash says we won’t want such work, we have worked hard always. Jai says we will do this contract. Akash says fine, but you remember, don’t expect we will do anything for you, which is not right. Awasthi says fine with me, and leave this contract. He leaves annoyed. Kanno talks to her friend and says we are in govt house. Her friends asks shall we send mangoes. Kanno gets happy and says yes sure. Dimple asks did you get the file. Kanno says yes, I will do your work, don’t worry.

Dimple says I will send money too. Kanno gets happy. Jai comes and tells Kanno that he is upset as Poonam is not of any benefit to them. Kanno says Dimple wants Poonam’s sign and I said yes, but will Akash allow this. Jai says no way, Akash and Poonam won’t agree. Jai says they are honest and works only on ethics. Kanno smiles and says its difference between king and minister, as if minister does not follow rules, he has to give answer to king, but king does not have to answer, I will talk to Poonam, I m sure she won’t let me down.

Poonam comes home. Kanno comes to her with the file. Poonam says yes, I m tired. Poonam asks about Akash. Kanno says yes, Akash and Jai came. Kanno tells her to help her by signing on the file. Poonam sees it. Kanno says it would be good if you can help them. Poonam says fine, bring your friend to my office, I will talk to her. Kanno smiles and says fine. Poonam comes to her room and sees the file. Akash asks her how was the day. Poonam asks tiring. Akash says even my day was bad. He tells Awasthi cancelled the contract and tells her everything that he was not the right man.

He says Jai is annoyed with me because of this. She says don’t worry, he will understand and you will get big contracts soon. He asks about the school. She tells him the land problem, Akash is shocked. She says I have to get stay order and will meet the magistrate at his home tomorrow.

Poonam talks to the magistrate and asks for stay order. He says when court opens, I will help you.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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