Ek Ghar Banaunga 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 26th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 26th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash scolding the sage and everyone at the ashram. Everyone are watching this on tv. Shashikant says Akash is right, we should shut down such ashrams. Vandana is worried about Poonam. Dadi and Mangla asks her not to worry about Poonam and she will be fine. Shashikant speaks well with Prabhunath and says Poonam will be fine. Poonam is crying in the hall and hugs Vidya. Sagar stops Akash from speaking against the sage and the ashram. Sagar says the man who told you about the ashram was a thief so we kicked him out.

The sage says that man tried to steal the money and was caught, he now wants to spoil my image. He says someone is doing this to ruin my ashram but I will find out, I will continue this competition. Akash says whats the guarantee that

everyone is safe here. The sage says the family can meet the participant an can take her with them if she wants. Parulben asks Poonam not to cry. A lady comes and tells everyone that you can meet your family. Poonam is happy.

Parulben says now we can meet with our family, its great. She says I will go and meet my family first. Akash is waiting to meet Poonam. Parulben talks to her husband and son and cries. She asks them not to worry about her and everyone are good to her, there is nothing to worry, she asks the to take take and comes back. Pinky goes next and is happy. Poonam is waiting to meet Akash. Akash asks when will my number come. They ask Akash to wait. Ambika is hurt to know that no one came to meet her. Parulben pacifies Ambika. Vidya goes to meet her husband. Lastly, Akash and Poonam are asked to come and meet. Akash and Poonam get happy hearing this.

Poonam runs to meet Akash. Dil chup hai…………… ankhen nam hai…………….. o piya……………….. plays………….. Akash and Poonam are separated by a partition. They look at each other and smile. They touch their hands through it and cry. Poonam sees Akash is hurt and cries. She touches his wound and asks how did this happen. Akash says its fine, I got my life back today after seeing you. He says after hearing that news, I was…… Poonam asks about everyone. Akash says come with me now, we are going from here leaving this ashram. Poonam says I can’t come. He says don’t worry about money, I will get your parent’s house, you are coming with me, try to understand, a man met me and he told me that this ashram is not safe for women.

Poonam says no, listen to me. Akash calls home and says you talk to them. Everyone are seeing the news at home. Shashikant talks to Akash and asks is everything fine, how is Poonam. Poonam talks to them. Everyone smile hearing Poonam’s voice. Poonam says I m fine, don’t worry about me. Vandana and Prabhunath says we were very much worried. Vandana asks Akash to bring Poonam back. Akash says explain this to Poonam, she wants to stay here. Vandana says we don’t want anything, we want you, you come back home.

Poonam says no, its not about me, its about Tanya, she got killed, we have to find out about her murderer. She says think about Tanya’s parents who lost their daughter. She says I have everyone’s blessings and nothing will happen to me, but I want to help the police. She says I want Tanya’s parents to get justice. Shashikant praises Poonam and says you are right, I m proud that you are my bahu. Akash says but dad. Shashikant says we should support her, she is right, the way will be tough but she will fight. Prabhunath says you are right and asks Poonam to do what she wants. Shashikant asks Poonam to take care.

Poonam says don’t worry. Shashikant praises Prabhunath for giving such values to Poonam. Akash and Poonam holds their hands and music plays…………. They have an eyelock. Their meeting time ends. Akash is asked to leave. Akash and Poonam cry. Halaat ke ye sitam hai…………………. o piya……………. plays………………. They leave the hands and move backwards. Poonam looks at Akash while he leaves. Akash smiles and waves bye to Poonam. She cries and tries to smile seeing him. Akash leaves.

Shashikant is angry on jai for the wrong accounts in his absence. jai says I checked, its correct. Shashikant asks for the complete details. Prabhunath comes and asks what happened. Shashikant tells about the accounts problem. Prabhunath says I can help you as I m doing this since 40 years. Shashikant happily agrees which makes jai tensed.

The sage asks the women to work hard and compete well in the competition. He asks them to display their mental capabilities too. He tells them the next task. Everyone looks on. The sage says you have to make these toys safe from rain. He says think these toys are your children and you have to save your children from rain, He says these task will be shown on tv and two people will leave from thos competition if they lose. Poonam is worried.

Prabhunath tells Vandana that there is Rs. 20 lakhs missing in the accounts. jai has spend that money. Akash hears this.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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