Ek Ghar Banaunga 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 26th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam and akash informing Prathna about Sudhir. Poonam says he liked you. Prathna says may be his eyesight is weak that he liked me. Rani comes to Kanno. Kanno asks her why she lied. Kanno’s husband comes and saves Rani. Kanno says leave this house. He asks what did she lie. Kanno tells him everything. Rani makes excuses. He says forgive her. Kanno warns her not to do any mistake again. Kanno scolds her husband too because of Rani. Kanno tells him about Poonam’s plan of getting Prathna married. Kanno says I decided that Akash marries Tara and Prathna marries Manish, but Poonam is going against me. Kanno taunts Mangla about Poonam. She says Poonam did not ask anyone and went to see Prathna’s proposal. Mangla says stop it.

Kanno says Poonam is

choosing Deepak’s friend because she can have control over you. Kanno speaks against Poonam. Mangla says don’t try to ignite me. She says that keep your thoughts to yourself, you can leave. Kanno gets angry and leaves. Poonam talks to Sudhir and says he wants to meet Prathna after Rakshabandhan. Akash says its ok, we are not in a hurry. Poonam praises Sudhir. Akash says we will ask Prathna how he is. Mangla hears this and smiles. Kanno is waiting for Shashikant and he comes and asks her what happened. She tells him what happened in the house. She tells him about Prathna’s proposal. He does not listen to her and leaves. He comes to his room and drinks wine. Mangla asks him what do you want to say.

She says I know you better as I m your wife. He says I can’t understand how did you agree to send Maa to Delhi. She says I came to know that Maa wanted to meet her elder son. He says I know you since years. She says if you know me, why are you asking. He asks about Prathna’s proposal. She says Kanno does not any work other than troubling others. He says I don’t have interest in knowing, but its related to Prathna, so i want to know. She says I have found a guy for Prathna, his name is Sudhir. She says we have Manish, and whats wrong if we select someone else. She says we will meet him and decide who is better for Prathna.

Poonam comes to their room and calls them knocking her door. Poonam says I came here to talk about Sudhir. Shashikant is shocked. Mangla is worried as she is drinking wine and makes excuses. Mangla tells Shashikant that I have sent Akash and Poonam to go and meet Sudhir. She says Sudhir is Deepak’s friend. He says you are very much importance to Poonam. She says if Sudhir is a good guy, then its good. She asks him not to worry as she will have everything under control. He says I doubt, if Poonam is doing it purposely thinking she can stay in this house forever.

The next morning, Poonam comes to Mangla and tells her about Sudhir. She says Sudhir wants to meet Prathna. Mangla praises Poonam and says you have done a lot for this house, I cannot thank you with words. Mangla says I want to thank you for explaining Akash for talking to Shashikant about Dadi’s Delhi trip. Poonam smiles. Mangla gets a call from Mama. He says we reached Delhi today, Ravikant is not in Delhi, so Dadi would not meet him. He says I will take Dadi for a yatra. Mangla starts acting infront of Poonam.

Poonam asks Mangla what happened. Mangla says Dadi could not meet Ravikant as he was not in Delhi. Poonam thinks Mangla did not let Dadi meet Ravikant as it was her plan. Mangla says she won over Poonam. She thinks once Prathna’s proposal is fixed, then she will show her true colors. Prathna gets dressed in a saree. Mangla says you are looking beautiful. Prathna gives some gift to her. Poonam opens the gift and sees its a rakhi and gets happy. Prathna says mum wanted to give you this rakhi for your brother Deepak. Poonam thanks them and says I tie the rakhi to the Lord as Deepak lives in America. Mangla praises her. Kanno gets angry. Mangla asks Kanno to make sweets for Rakshabandhan. Someone comes and Poonam is shocked to see him.

Kanno asks someone what he is doing on the computer. He says Akash wants to give a surprise to Poonam and he wants to do something good for her. Kanno thinks of damaging the computer.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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