Ek Ghar Banaunga 25th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 25th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 25th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mangla scolding Prabhunath for not telling them about Gawtham’s family. She says if Poonam was not there, then Gawtham would have not done this. She says he played with Prathna’s life. Everyone are crying. Prabhunath says trust me. Mangla says we are not fools, you should be ashamed. She says you did not want to tell us, else you would have told us. She says you are saying now after everything got ruined. She says I don’t know why Akash married Poonam. Akash looks on. Poonam says its not my parent’s mistake, they did not hide it purposely, how would they know how they came. They came being a baraatis. Kanno starts now taunting Poonam.

Akash feels bad. Kanno tries to show her importance. She says see the result now. Akash shouts Bhabhi,

stop it. Kanno says why, don’t I have the right to speak. She says Prathna’s life is ruined because of Poonam. Poonam cries. Kanno says who will marry Prathna now. She ignites the fire in Mangla’s heart. Mangla gets angry. Kanno says Prathna is like a married widow now, all because of Poonam. Poonam says how can you say this. Kanno says why, truth is bitter. Akash says enough.

Akash scolds Kanno and says what you think you are doing, you got a chance to express your feelings. Kanno says no one wants to hear to me, as I always speak the truth. She says you only want to hear to Poonam, become her slave and serve her. Kanno tells jai I told you everyone will regret one day and see it happened. Mangla takes Poonam with her. Everyone are shocked. Mangla takes her outside the house. Prabhunath tries to stop Mangla saying don’t do this with my daughter. Kanno is really happy. Poonam says what are you doing. Prabhunath says don’t do this. Mangla says I request you to take your daughter with you. She says I want to get rid of Poonam’s bad deeds. Akash and his family looks on. Monica Didi says Poonam lets go home. Akash shouts stop. He says Poonam won’t go anywhere.

Mangla looks angrily at him. Akash comes to them. He looks at Poonam and says Poonam is my wife and she won’t leave this house. He says whatever happened, it was not Poonam’s mistake. Mangla scolds Akash and calls him senseless and blind. She says you are doing this for Poonam. Akash says its not Poonam’s mistake, try to understand. Mangla says its Poonam’s mistake. She says because of her, Prathna’s life got ruined and you are taking her side. She says Poonam has ruined our house and you are favoring her. She says you are forgetting your duties because of her. He says I did not forget anything. Mangla taunts Poonam and her family.

Mangla says Poonam is doing by hatching a plan. She did not want to marry you but you married her and brought her here. So, she is taking the revenge from all of us. Poonam says no, this is not true. Akash says no, its not like that. Mangla says no, this girl has ruined our happiness and respect. Poonam cries. Mangla says my daughter’s happiness ruined because of Poonam. Mangla cries and says even now you want Poonam to be here with us. She says I m ashamed to call you my son. Mangla says look at Prathna, she loves you so much and was proud to be your sister, who tied you rakhi and now she is like a widow. Mangla says now who will marry her, you are not thinking about her and are after Poonam. Prabhunath speaks up. He says its our mistake.

Mangla tells Akash see Poonam’s family too agreed that it was their mistake. Prathna leaves from the hall. Mangla says it was Poonam and her family’s plan to take revenge from you. She says you are acting by crying. Poonam hugs Vandana and cries. Prabhunath gets disheartened. Akash says how can I share my pain, I m feeling bad by whatever happened with Prathna. He says Poonam tried her best to make Prathna’s life better. Was Sudhir not a good guy, you all met Sudhir and his family. He says Sudhir was with us, if he was kidnapped, then what is Poonam’s mistake. He says its our mistake, we should have taken care of Sudhir well. He speaks in favour of Poonam. Mangla sasy we got two wounds today, one with Prathna and the other with my son changing because of Poonam. She asks Akash to listen to Prathna. She turns to show Prathna and is shocked to see Prathna missing. Mangla asks where is Prathna. Everyone are shocked.

Akash asks Prathna to stop as she is committing suicide in her room.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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