Ek Ghar Banaunga 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 25th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with a scene in Akash’s house. Everyone are upset knowing about a woman’s death in the sage’s ashram. Vandana is crying and says I m worried about Poonam. Mangla says trust the Lord, Poonam might be fine, Akash will call us and give us the good news soon. Prabhunath says I wish Poonam is safe. Kanno says whats this, you all are still crying. She says its true that you will cry as the competition will end now, it means Poonam won’t win any money now, you can’t get your house back. Everyone look at Kanno. Kanno taunts Poonam’s parents. Mangla looks at her. Prabhunath says we don’t know how is Poonam, we don’t even know who is the one who died, we are worried about our daughter, and you are talking about money, we don’t want money, we don’t want our house. He gets angry and raises his voice.

He says I want my daughter back. Shashikant scolds Kanno. He asks her to shut up if she wants to see everyone in peace. He asks Kanno to go to her room. He asks Prabhunath to trust the Lord and everything will be fine. Everyone are planning to leave from the ashram packing their bags. They say if we leave here, its like being ready to die. Ambika stops Aarti from leaving. Everyone looks on. Ambika asks Aarti where did you use to take Tanya with you. Aarti gets tensed. Aarti says you all are doubting on me, I used to take her to meditation room.

Poonam cross questions Aarti and Aarti starts crying. She says I did not take her anywhere. Pinky says I want to live first rather than winning in this competition. Ambika talks to everyone and says there are the women to came to become Sarvagunn Samparn woman. Poonam stops them and says I don’t care about the competition, but we can learn a lot from this, we can’t ;eave this way by not talking to the sage. They think of going to the sage and inform him first. Akash is on the way to reach Poonam. He thinks of the news which he heard and gets worried for Poonam.

Poonam and Ambika come to the inspector and talks to him. (Muted!) Ambika tells him everything about Sagar and Tanya. They see Aarti hearing them. Poonam says lets go and talk to the sage now. They meet the sage and he does not permit anyone to leave and go back from the competition. The women says we can’t leave here, I can’t trust anyone here. The sage says whom do you trust if no one. Even Tanya was someone’s daughter, she got killed here in this ashram, think about her parents. He says do we don’t have any duty towards her. He says maybe it does not matter to you, but you all have to stay here till we get the murderer.

he says you all go now, I won’t stop you. Sagar says I m sorry to say that I agree that these women are not safe here, I m thinking to cancel the competition now. Everyone are shocked and supports him. Poonam says Sagar is right and taunts Sagar. She says death is not in our hands. Poonam speaks in favour of Tanya and says its our duty to find her murderer, who are with me. Everyone supports Poonam and the women join hands. The sage looks on their unity.

Aarti does not support them, but join hands at last. The inspector comes and Poonam says we all are ready to help you. Parulben says we will help you in every way. The sage says I respect your decision, I wish the Lord helps you in finding the murderer. Some people and Akash come at the ashram hearing the shocking news. The media is ready to take the sage’s interview. Tanya’s body is taken by the police. Akash gets worried seeing it and prays. He then sees Poonam fine and is happy.

Akash jumps over the gate and comes in the ashram to meet Poonam. He shouts Poonam. Poonam turns and looks at him. The ashram people try to stop Akash. Akash pushes them and meets Poonam. Music plays……………. People separate Poonam and Akash and take them away. Halaat ke ye sitam hai…………… ye jiya na lage na…………………………. plays…………………. They look at each other and cry. Akash is left outside the gate. The reporters ask the sage why did this happen in his ashram.

The sage gives his statement and says we will find the murdered very soon and this competition will…….. Akash says it won’t happen now. Everyone looks at him.

Precap: Poonam talks to her family on Akash’s phone and says I will find out about Tanya’s murderer.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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