Ek Ghar Banaunga 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 24th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam thinking what to do with so less money. She calls Akash and he gives her advice to order less food and attend all guests at once. Poonam smiles and agrees. Mangla is annoyed with Poonam and thinks she is oversmart. She tells Mama now see what I do, Poonam wants to equate me and Kano together, but I won’t let that happen. Vandana gets a head ache and Shilpa massages her head. Even Nikas acts sweet. Shilpa says I can’t leave her like this, you eat in canteen. Vikas says fine, I will leave now. Shilpa smiles seeing him and he leaves.

Poonam is doing the satsang arrangements. The guests start coming and everyone welcome the guests heartily. The guests ask did we come on time. Mangla says yes, right on time, come inside, you are welcome. Mangla

and Dadi are happy. Kanno looks on to see how Poonam manages today. Shrishti Maa enters the house and everyone smile seeing her.

Dadi welcomes Shrishti Maa. Everyone takes her blessings. Dadi asks Poonam to take her blessings as well. Poonam greets her and takes her blessings. The guests praise Poonam as she got Sarvagun Samparn title. Kanno thinks I will show her down now. She takes some hot coffee for Shrishti Maa which she dislikes. She asks Poonam to go and give this to Shrishti Maa. Poonam says I will give it to her and takes the coffee. Mangla comes to know that Poonam is taking coffee for Shrishti Maa. She is shocked and runs to stop Poonam.

Poonam gives the coffee to Shrishti Maa. She looks at Mangla. Mangla is tensed. Kanno smiles. She takes the coffee. Kanno and Mangla are shocked. Mangla says I m sorry, she did not know that you don’t drink coffee. Poonam is shocked. Shrishti Maa praises Poonam and says Poonam is great, she is the winner of Sarvagunn Samparn title. Poonam has brought the real face of the sage and has served humanity, its true that I don’t drink coffee, but like you respect me, I m impressed by Poonam a lot, so I will not refuse her.

She drinks the coffee. Mangla looks on. Shrishti Maa gives a lecture and blesses everyone. Everyone have food after the satsang. Kanno is shocked to see how Poonam managed and tells her to come with her. She asks what about my guests. Poonam says don’t worry, trust me, I have made much food, it won’t be less for your friends. Mama hears this and informs Mangla. He says Poonam is very clever. Mangla tells everyone to take prasad for their family and asks Poonam and Kanno to pack the boxes for everyone. Poonam is shocked.

Poonam asks Kanno to do this work. Mama and Mangla smile. Mangla thinks now I will see how Kanno manages. Kanno is tensed thinking the food will not last till her friends come. She says I will make Mangla get insulted infront of everyone. She hides the food in the cupboard and Mangla comes asking for the prasad. Kanno says there is no food, its over. Mama is shocked. Kanno shows her empty utensils. Mangla says how did it finish so soon. Poonam comes and Mangla asks about food.

Mangla scolds Poonam. Poonam is shocked to know that the food is over, she says but…… Mangla says enough, take care of the guests, go outside. Poonam looks at Kanno and leaves. Poonam thinks how did the food finish. Kanno blames Poonam for everything and asks Mangla what will you do now. Kanno smiles and leaves. Mangla scolds Mama for giving wrong information to her. Mangla sees the food hidden in the cupboard. She says take it out. She says Kanno had hidden this for her friends, but its good if she steals the Lord’s prasad.

Mama laughs. Mangla says I ill teach a lesson to Kanno now. She comes to Poonam and Kanno and asks them to pack the prasad for the guests. Kanno and Poonam are shocked. Poonam says but the food…… Mangla says I m not mad, go inside and pack the food in boxes. Poonam and Kanno go to the kitchen. Poonam is stunned seeing the food. Poonam looks at Kanno. Poonam says whats this, you this, you did not do this right. Kanno says its because of you, what will I serve my friends. Poonam says we should first think about the guests, lets pack the food.

They pack the food in boxes. Shrishti Maa says now we will leave, we are glad to come here. Everyone get their boxes and leaves. Mangla smiles happily. Shilpa takes care of Vandana well. Vandana and Prabhunath are happy seeing Shilpa. Shilpa acts sweet and says I m happy to take care of you. Vikas comes back from office and ask for tea. Akash comes and Prabhunath is happy to see him. Some papers fall from Vikas’s files and Prabhunath picks it up. Vikas takes the papers. Prabhunath asks why is my name written on it. Akash is shocked.

Kanno asks Poonam to support her. Mangla says they have to apologize to me.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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