Ek Ghar Banaunga 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 24th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mangla scolding Poonam and telling that she can’t go out for work. Dolly and Sarita get happy. Shashikant comes and supports Poonam. He says Akash came yesterday night and told me everything that he needs Poonam’s help in his work and I have given him the permission, I could not tell you about it. Dolly and Sarita are shocked. Poonam gets happy.He says Poonam is doing what you do for me. He says Poonam will support Akash as he is alone and he is going through bad times, whats wrong if she is with him.

Shashikant thanks Poonam for supporting Akash. Poonam smiles. Vimla comes to Poonam and says Mangla is very good, she loves you and Kanno a lot, you go and help Akash, I will do the work. Poonam says no I will cook. Vimla calls Dolly and Sarita and asks them to manage kitchen. They are shocked. Poonam thanks her and leaves. Dolly and Sairta are shocked as their plan worked wrong. Akash is busy in the arrangements. Poonam comes and manages everything.

Vimla comes to talk to Mangla about Poonam. Mangla argues with her and asks her to stay out of her house matters. Vimla asks her not to be angry and come to have food. Mangla taunts her about her children, who misbehave with elders. Vimla is hurt by her words but does not get angry. She says its your right to tell all this, even I m ashamed of my son. She says he will come back soon and then I will not leave him. Poonam is left alone in the house and gets scared seeing someone coming.

She cries as the door opens. Its Akash. He sees her crying and gets worried. He asks her what happened. She tells about her fears. He pacifies her and says no one is there, the door was jammed, no one locked you inside. Kamal comes there as a worker. Kamal says I will make you mad now Poonam, don’t worry. Dolly and Sarita are tired of working in the kitchen. Ramesh asks them not to worry and Abhi and Ramesh take care of them.

Dolly says what to do about Poonam. Ramesh says she will pay for it, see what I do. Akash and Poonam come home. Poonam asks him not to tell anyone what happened there else they will worry. He says fine, stop thinking. Ramesh talks to him sweetly. He asks them to come for dinner. Mangla is annoyed seeing so fee dishes. She tastes it and says its very salty. She scolds Dolly and Sarita for cooking so bad. She scolds Poonam and Kanno that they are not doing their work properly.

Poonam feels bad. Mangla argues with Shashikant and says Poonam and Kanno can take rest and I will manage the kitchen work. Shashikant says its right thought. Mangla is shocked. He says its good you did not take any help, but my mum always helped you, you should help your bahu toos. Poonam says no need, I will manage both works efficiently.

Mittal’s daughter does not like the arrangements. Mittal says you can’t do this event now.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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